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  1. Does pokemon shuffle have new qr code hack? i need lucarionite T^T , i dont have enough money
  2. Can i use PKHex to complete story mode
  3. Kaphotics , Can i use PKHeX to complete story mode ? (In Pokemon ORAS)
  4. Can i change pokemon stat to 999 or level to over 100 in illegal mode?
  5. how to convert file .pkm to .pkx i tried many time to convert with these files https://www.mediafire.com/?kudk8n499nw3jf6 but is cant convert
  6. Does your program version English support for Cyber Gadget Save Editor 2?
  7. Where can I buy CyberGadget save editor 2?
  8. How different between CYBER save editor and CYBER save editor 2?
  9. Now I got Cyber Save Editor , Do you have some tutorial video or steps about how to use PKHeX with Cyber Save Editor?
  10. If i use R4i Save Dongle to backup save file to computer , it can edit with PKHeX?
  11. It that PKHeX support to R4i Save Dongle ?
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