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  1. You can use KeySav2 for all the boxes. You can check ESV, you can do it with the digital copy right away. For retail you need powersave to extract the .bin (save) from your cartridge, then to your PC and run the software. Anyways, you need to hatch the eggs to "release" them... so I would suggest you to hatch everything right away, you can't even send them to the poke bank... (Can you release an egg?)
  2. You can check unhatched egg ESV to compare with your TSV. Mine's 0730 if you've got any, I can hatch and trade back to you. Feel free to share your TSV in case anyone has an unhatched egg that might match your TSV
  3. Okkk so: (TID[0-65,536] ^ SID[0-65,536]) >> 4 = TSV [0-4095] PID[0-4,294,967,295] = PID in Hexadecimal (L) 0xFFFF|F0FF (H) = ( PID(l) 0xFFFF ^ PID(h) 0xF0FF ) >> 4 = ESV[0-4095] If ESV is equal to TSV is shiny... If not, depends on Masuda and Shiny Charm to calculate "x" number of re-rolls that I supposed is "8" (using both) to match the 1/512 ratio... Unknown re-rolls for Masuda only or Shiny Charm only.
  4. I'm srry, I'm new to that language, it's C#, true? I don't know exactly waht does "^" (I think XOR) and ">>" means... (TID ^ SID) >> 4 = TSV ((PID >> 16) ^ (PID & 0x10)) >> 4 = ESV If I transcribe that as I undestand: Trainer Id "plus" Secret Id gives you a number of 4 digits length... e.g. 0730 and this is the Trainer Shiny Value (Is there any range?) Pokemon Id gives you a 16 digits number, somehow this number "plus" 0x10 that I don't know what this is... (random number perhaps?) gives another 4 digit number that is the Egg Shiny Value... Now, if TSV = ESV at hatch time, the result will be shiny... Can someone clarify a little bit this ? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm a software engineer, I would like to help in the project, is there a way to assist with some tasks? Or it's not possible at all to assist on the project? Thanks,
  6. I made it work, but the ESV is not working properly with catched pokemons, do I need to breed one to have an ESV? EDIT: Well, I apologize, the tool is awesome, I'm just dumb, ESV is Egg Shiny Value, so to check an ESV It has to be an egg... Since this is working like a charm, I've have the following TSV: 1652 (x) 0730 (y) So, if anyone has some eggs with those ESV, I'll be glad to help you guys to breed them...
  7. I just started playing my poke X (digital) Does anyone know why I can't break KeyBoxes ? Do I need to have "Classius PC" or does it work with "Someone's PC"? May I upload the 16.sav and 26.sav to a dropbox location so someone can assist? Thanks.
  8. @Kaphotics Thanks, I checked some information, I might be able to gather some boxes with eggs, store them in pokebank, pass them to my digital copy of poke X, get the 00000001.sav and store them as 16.sav and 26.sav, break the boxes, and after that, check all the boxes with eggs, check TSV and ESV, if match then just hatch get it back to the original poke Y and hatch it. If I'm correct, I'll be downloading pokebank tonight after getting the box Keys... Thank you
  9. Hello, I'm really new on this, so... Questions: How do I send the .sav from my retail to the SD/PC ? Once I have the .sav, how do I check if that poke will be shiny or not? I remember it has to be something like: TSV = ESV... How do i check my TSV, can I get it from a previous hatched shiny? I'm willing to pledge around 200 eggs, but hatching them is tooo damn crazy... so far I've hatched 1,700... so yes, I need a speed up tool... Thanks.
  10. @Kaphotics Any quickstart guide, I'm sort of new to pokemon again, but not to IT... I have my retail poke Y How do I send the info of the boxes with the eggs to the PC and check them? Thanks for your support.
  11. Hello, sorry, I'm kinda new overhere and this topic is something I've been researching (or kinda) It's too much to read atm, so I will ask politely: I have a cartridge of pkm Y, can I check if any of my eggs is shiny or not?... so i just hatch it?... If I can, how can I achieve that?... Thanks.
  12. Well, @Kaphotics, thank you very much for your cooperation. I understand the trainer shiny value must match per ESV, but I'm trying to get a usable equation to know the possibilities for a pokémon to be shiny. Seems a little hard, but if we gather all information, or get the function code we might be a step ahead on shininess... Thanks again, and hope we're able to see part of the code soon.
  13. Well, basically I know there's people who already got the code, perhaps they can assist us giving that part of code or helping with some suggestions based on it. I would like you guys to help me in the making of the equation of the Shiny breeding value to know a little bit more on how each person can get a shiny without having to breed thousands for the shiny they want. I will post the things I remember are determined to get a shiny, please help me spreading this equation to it's very most atomic values: Shiny Charm + Masuda Method = 1/500 (At this point we will assume it's a 500 chance from the shiny charm research done by smogon Shiny Charm Research ) That formula obviously it's not correct, I need help to get it clearer, so if you can help me giving your idea or your own equation, we can get something better. Thanks for your collaboration.
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