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  1. Nerketur

    PMD2 Strings

    Change color of text [CS:<type>]text[CR] A: Identified Item B: Forbidden Choice C: Caution D: Standard Color E: Bold Text F: Team Pokémon Name G: Money H: Traps (not in scripts, but used in game) I: Item Name J: Effect (of move) K: Poké Species Name L: Title Color (Also in testing) M: Move Name N: Pokémon Name O: (unused?) P: Place Name Q: (unused?) R: Selling Price S: Multiple Items Selected T: Transparent U: Unidentified Item V: Number W: Warning X: Team name Y: Team pokemon? Z: Exclusive items lines A horizontal line width of window [BAR]
  2. Table of PMD2 Scripting Commands Color Meaning sky only time only name not formulated everything (mostly) known If a row matches two or more colors, the higher color in the chart takes precedence. Sky Time Short Name Len Description 0 0
  3. Nerketur

    PMD2: SSB

    SSB files are always found with an associated .SSA, .SSE, or .SSS file, with the single exception of unionall.ssb, found in the /SCRIPT/COMMON/ folder of the Nitro File System. These files contain the actual scripting code, much like the canon series of Pokémon games. The main differences are the number and format of these commands. SSB files are all 16-bit word-based. Because of this, the file itself must be an even number of bytes, and in fact the string and constant tables have special rules to ensure this. Special cases unionall This file is a very special case for two re
  4. Nerketur

    PMD2 SSA

    .SSA, .SSE, and .SSS files all use the exact same format, and as far as is currently known all do the same things. The only differences appear to be which links exist. These files and their respectively named .SSB files are effectively linked, as within the script they are not called by extension, but by name. These are never found alone. They are like C/C++ .h files, in that they are connected to a certain file, and therefore useless by themselves. They are used to determine the starting positions of Pokémon, backgrounds, and interactable areas (including ones that you simply move into t
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