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  1. Hey all So recently my old 3DS with the viable firmware had it's battery swell up like a tumor. So until I can make plans to get a new battery I really would be so happy if anyone can use their 3DS to inject some of my PKM files and trade me the results As for what I want to use them for, some VGC battles between me and my friends, nothing serious and they are aware of it, just some casual games with them to discuss strategies Anyone able to help me?
  2. Anyone have the PKX file for the Shiny Rayquaza Event? Any will do thanks
  3. Many thanks for the quick answer If I may ask one more question, it regards event Pokemon. If you recall, in previous gens, the OT of a Pokemon would either be blue or red depending if they were a male or female, and some events also applied this (granted the OT was not a person as such but it was colored as if it was one) But in X/Y/ORAS it is neither red nor blue, so in order to accurately make an event Pokemon like Diancie etc, how do we go about doing it, is the "OT's gender" sort of hidden or like that. I hope you understand my odd explanation
  4. Hi there, I really want a team of competitive level legendaries Not to USE online of course, that would be cheating, basically I wanna have them because I am a bit OCD (All my Pokemon have 6IVs) and of course I want to mess around with my friends using legendaries and I sure as hell am not going to waste 6 months trying to get a battle ready Kyogre with that long as all cutscene and all. But I want to make them as legal as possible just to feel comfortable using them, since I know alot of people DO spend weeks on end soft-resetting, even if that means working their "PIDs" and encryption constant to the T. So my questions is, say I want to make a 6IV Cosplay Pikachu, if I press re-roll PID and encryption constant, does that make that specific Pokemon legal or do PIDs and encryption constants correlate with things like IVs, Nature etc? So if there is such a thing as a 6IV soft-reset Cosplay Pikachu will it be the same in terms as PID and encryption constant as all 6IV Cosplay Pikachu even PKHex'd ones? or is PID totally random and the ones "re-rolled" might not match the Pokemon if it were legal?
  5. Okay but what is the deal with Geosenge Town's Hotel there is an NPC whose sprite is completely unique, no other NPC has that sprite so there has got to be something special about it and the only dialogue I get is this "H...hello" that's it
  6. I see... soo that's it for X and Y? No more to discover? If that's the case it leaves so much unexplained
  7. We all know AZ is the king but the portrait seems a bit odd I want to just see what happens if someone can take the Eternal Flower Floette (AKA AZ's Floette) to that painting and interact with it
  8. Okay, is anyone willing to help me?
  9. Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I am really impatient to find out about the full extent of Kalos some things include The Ghost girl in Luminose City The Unopenable door in Hotel Richesemme The Kalos Power Plant The Strange Souvenir And so forth Now, I follow up about Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa and from what I have seen, they just unlock some in game dialogue but I have some theories... Can anyone here do me a solid and Powersave Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves onto Zygarde, will it maybe allow it to change? What would they have 2 moves that are obviously linked to one particular Pokemon and he can learn neither through level up I could understand one move like V-create Victini but 2 and the second thing is, I was just wandering around Kalos and I decided to just walk around Parfum Palace one room I noticed was different from the first time I saw it, there was a big picture of a man, I decided to just check it to see anything interesting and here is the response text I got: "There's a portrait of someone on the wall. Perhaps it's the king who built the palace? It somehow reminds you of AZ..." THAT'S THE STRANGE PART, I am doing this post game, so this painting definitely is referring to AZ, a person you will not meet way after the events in Parfum Palace and the final part "It somehow reminds you of AZ..." and then it hit me, what if you bring AZ's Floette to that painting? maybe it will unlock something like maybe the Floette comes out of the ball and does something, change forms, whatever Can someone do this for me?
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