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  1. My first shiny Pokemon was a torchic that I fully leveled up to 100 without realizing it was shiny. I always wondered why the color seemed darker than the images online. Suffice to say I was very surprised to learn what it was.

  2. So I have been gone from the community for over two years and now I will be slowly getting back into it. A lot has changed over the past two years. I went through medical hell and have been focusing on getting my academics back to where I want them. I am no longer swimming competitively. Finally, I have gotten into web design as well as starting to learn Java and C++. I missed this community and I hope to contribute to it again.

  3. yeah, i first ripped my rom and then played it on my flash cart, but when i couldn't use the pokewalker, i started out again on the retail cart.

    I love the pokewalker features so I will just wait. I love these new game ways of breeding pokemon, it is so much better than the old methods.

  4. O.o I never got a radio >.>;; as for the power plant I talked to the guy and got a cs that is about it I can't find the piece in the gym either. >.>;; LOL I'm stuck.

    Very top left life raft for the power plant part. Make sure you check it from to the top no other angles work. Skipping the radio is a huge mistake and you need to get it as soon as possible.

  5. I have one of those! On my Red I also have 151 Pokemon all at level 100 without cheats!

    You have to much free time on your hands if you have them all at level 100 without cheating. I only got to 136 on my game without cheating and only 8 or so are level 100 not 151.

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