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  1. Is KEYSAV2 necessary anywhere in the process? I've been going through the thread and trying to get all the files I need ready before the new GateWay support comes out and it's the only real question I have left. It seems to me that you could use savedatafiler to export your save data, edit it with PKHeX, and then put it back where you found it. Is there a step that I'm missing? Because posts are saying that KEYSAV2 is necessary somewhere along the line.
  2. That Lugia is from : Gale of Darkness IIRC. Also this thread is more for PKHeX and 3ds hacking questions related to getting PKHeX working, so there might be another thread somewhere else more suited for questions like that.
  3. oooh completely forgot about emunand! :bidoof: Never tried it myself but after looking it up it seems pretty easy to do. That will make things a lot easier.
  4. (assuming that the upcoming 9.0-9.2 support from gateway works) 1. Get new gateway card 2. get ROM for X/Y/OR/AS (please purchase at least one copy of the game before you *acquire* this) 3. use PKHeX to put whatever you want on that copy of pokemon, which you can play like a retail copy on your 3DS 4. Play like normal, or trade them to your retail copy
  5. Yep you got it. My DS is at the newest firmware and from what I read it looks like the newest flashcard (which says it supports up to 9.2) would allow me to inject Pokemon.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, but Gateway's website is saying that support for firmware 9.0-9.2 is coming soon. Wouldn't that mean that you could use PKHeX with one of these new flashcarts? http://www.gateway-3ds.com/
  7. It shows that there is a lot of interest in Gen VI save editing though. Its kind of nice to check the thread and see that so many people really want to see results. I do agree that people are posting too many basic questions though, only things related to PKHex and gen 6 editing in general should be here.
  8. The first post on this thread should answer your questions.
  9. I like to think its more of a matter of when they figure it out, not if.
  10. Speaking of decapping the 3DS, this guy started working on it back in March. Been a month without an update, but to my knowledge he is still working on it so something may come of it.
  11. I'm not one of the people working on it so I could be wrong, but from my understanding the problem is getting past the 3DS's encryption methods to put the edited save file back on the game cart. Since its not something that we know how to do, you can't really make an estimation on it. A breakthrough could happen tomorrow and we could be injecting Pokemon next week, or it could be months from now when that breakthrough happens. People are activly working on it and it most likely will be possible sometime in the future, but no one knows exactly when. EDIT: The problem is reencrypting the file because we can't get it past the AES-MAC yet, not the 3DS's encryption.
  12. This. I'm as exited as everyone else, but its going to take time before you can just conjure up any pokemon you want and successfully put it on an X/Y Cart.
  13. Made an account just to tell you how hyped I am to see some real progress on this! Soon my pokemon stadium 3 fantasies will be real with this.
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