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  1. Wow fun story, i had actually stopped making pokesprites later that same year (yeah you replied to a comment from a year ago ^^'') but here comes the fun part when i got this reply i got really happy. why you ask? well its fun to see that this community isnt all dead and actually get new members ^^. so i decided to make the Lucario/Scizor one and i was quite happy with it and i might make the other ones later today thx for the reply it made my day ^^. (couldnt decide what colour i liked better though... i really like the blue but it might be too lucario-esqe) *Edit* i have made the other ones too now but they didnt even come close to compete with the first one ^^'' but i had my moments while making Ammongus/Furret good god i just love ammongus face . (yet again i could not choose which one of my Houndoom/Ninetales to send but i think i like the 1st one more but there really isnt much change from original houndoom in it.)
  2. Hi i wondered if i could get any requests from you guys! The problem is that i can't think of pokemons to mix myself, Untill now i have asked my friend but he got really tired of me in the end so i searched for requests and this site came up so im trying my luck ^^. This is one of my sprites it's a mix between Dragonite and Scyther ^^
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