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  1. Set friendship to 2, but It didn't seem to help. I still have "It looks like this Egg will take a long time to hatch" in the Egg Watch, and that's after I took ~1500 steps with a Pokemon with flame body in my party.
  2. Every egg that I have received through the GTS from PokeGen hasn't been able to hatch. I would understand if these eggs were corrupt as a result of wrongly filled out information, but I'm nearly positive everything I've entered in the program for each egg should have worked. Each of the eggs have been set as an Egg on the Main tab and on the Met tab. The eggs are matched to my trainer information (which I know is right), are set to the correct location (Route 3 - Daycare location in Black), and were encountered as: Egg/Pal Park/etc. I also made sure to give the eggs only egg-level and breeding-passed move sets, and 0 EV's. After looking up other troubleshooting forums on making eggs in PokeGen, I also tried switching from no nickname to 'Egg' and various happiness levels to try and make them hatch ( I tried 0, 1, and the happiness level the Pokemon should have had for appropriate hatching steps). I really can't figure out what could possibly be wrong with my eggs when all my information seems to be in place. The only thing I can really think of is that the PID's being generated from my information aren't working, causing my eggs to never hatch. So if anyone else has had this problem, or knows what I'm doing wrong, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!
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