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  1. Pretty sure it was established that sharing license keys was a bad thing to do. Not sure if it was this tread or another. Makes the key not work anymore or something. That and it's never a good idea to share such a thing over the internet anyway.
  2. Nah, as it stands I wont be able to get anything that could clean it for at least another week. Money and all that. I did get an email from them saying that I may "own and alternate unsupported version of X" and that "We are hoping to release support for this release of the game very soon." So it may be just that.
  3. Created an account just to tell you I have the exact same problem so you don't feel like you are the only one with this oddly specific issue. I've heard many people talking about the "No Hardware Found" issue but never the "It detects the damn cart for 10 seconds THEN decides it doesn't exist" issue. I'm not to sure about licking the thing and don't have rubbing alcohol anywhere so those aren't really options. Plus the cart is new I doubt it's not clean. I have heard many people talk about the issue detecting X though, and judging by how your Y works I think that may be what you and me have run across.
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