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  1. Turtwig: Route 26, Night time, 4% encounter rate, level 30 (found 3) Chimchar: Route 26, Night time, 1% encounter rate, level 30 (haven't found one yet) Deoxys: Route 26, any time of day, 1% encounter rate, level 70 (found 4) this was about an hour of trying to find a Chimchar. No luck with the Chimchar sadly. Mew: Ilex Forest, Morning, 1% encounter rate, level 70 (haven't found one yet) Jirachi: Ilex Forest, Day time, 1% encounter rate, level 70 (haven't found one yet) Celebi: Ilex Forest, Night time, 1% encounter rate, level 70 (found one randomly while going from Azalea Town to Goldenrod)
  2. I haven't gotten that far yet, but all the Legendaries I've encountered that were added to the game (Deoxys and Celebi) have been level 70. Can somebody please help me? Where can you find Rotom in the game? He's not on the locations list in the first post, either...
  3. Well first, make sure it's actually a clean Soul Silver rom, and that an AP (Anti-Piracy) patch wasn't already applied to it. You should be sure since of course you ripped it yourself from your own game cartridge. Nobody here will help you with a rom you downloaded off the internet. But, the patch is included in the first post. I have Windows, not a mac, but I'm guessing the "xdelta3" file is the patch. Unfortunately I can't help you with it. Alright at this point I've captured 4 Deoxys', and have seen like 6 Turtwigs, but not a single Chimchar on Route 26. And night time is about to end. :'( Guess I'll try again tomorrow...
  4. Got a damn Deoxys!!! level 70 against my level 42 team... luckily, Deoxys' defense stats are absolute garbage in its normal form lol
  5. Also, holy crap, I got a Celebi!!! Just got Fly, so I was going through older areas with Surf and the Item Finder, and I had a Tauros with Intimidate in the first slot to reduce wild Pokemon encounters, and I found a wild Celebi in Ilex Forest!! level 70... I had 2 level 16 pokemon on me and 4 level 30 Pokemon. Luckily, it's Natural Gift attack only worked once and instantly consumed its berry. its only other attack was Future Sight, which had a delay, so I had some time to attack it. Paralyzed it, whittled it down to Red, but lost 4 of my team in the process. I'm lucky I spent so much money on Ultra Balls. Just barely managed to catch it!!!
  6. If Roland ever made a non-Challenger edition of Perfect Heart/Soul, it's no longer available in the first post. The trainers have higher pokemon levels. It started to get really tough around the 4th gym with Morty. Anyway, when you get a graphical glitch like that, try doing a regular plain old save from the in-game menu, then close the emulator fully and open up the game like that. Continue the save normally, instead of with a save state. See if that works.
  7. ....well that's interesting... I managed to capture a Chikorita... I think the location list is very strange in certain cases. I don't think there ARE two areas to the National Park.
  8. Hi. I'm loving this Perfect Soul hack so far. And I guess it's a Challenger's Edition, right? Since all of the trainers are much harder. Barely made it past Bugsy, with a team of 5 level 16 Pokemon! Thanks for making this, Roland! I was wondering... will you ever consider updating the Locations list? I noticed Jirachi isn't in there, along with a few others. I was also wondering, what exactly is National Park room 2 (R1-02)? That's the area where Chikorita is supposed to be, but I'm going through the Park and there's only one area here... I thought maybe the different styles of grass would have different pokemon, but both of them seem to match R1-01 from the list (with Sunkern and Pidgey). I thought of the bug-catching contest, but that's supposed to have things like Scyther and Pinsir which aren't on your list at all. Could you please help me out, Roland?
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