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  1. The power saves adapter? Well, I just got an email from a support tech in Datel, they change the region of my license key to work on my US 3DS games. Now my Pokémon XY, Mario Kart, Resident Evil loading up codes in the powersaves
  2. Yes, the 999 any items (including getting the stone for lat/ios/ias), infinite money/pokemiles/bp/, and the make any pokes shiny code I got.
  3. http://gbatemp.net/threads/datel-powersaves-now-supports-pokemon-x-y.361711/page-11 theres the link that the licking method works
  4. Guys! Its working for me now! xDDD LICK YOUR POKEMON XY CARTRIDGES!!!!! Press it against your tongue to get a lot of saliva on it
  5. Same problem here. Wen u use pokemon x or y, u get like flickering screens huh?
  6. Im able to make backups for other games besides xy, cause I keep getting flickering screens wen I insert em. but I still cant get any codes to load up for any of my games
  7. The problem must be datel's servers or whatever. Cant be the device or license key that has a problem...
  8. I sent them numerous emails and no reply. I already gave em my license key and still no reply
  9. They should've just made this new ar to connect to the 3ds instead of connectin it to the pc. its so dumb
  10. I hope that's what theyre doing, and that my device isn't the issue. just their servers.
  11. not at the moment. I just got mine yesterday, and its not loading up codes for any of my games
  12. mm, then it should be something wrong with datel's server. u know anyone else having the same issue besides everyone on this thread?
  13. man, I was freaking out all day yesterday. thought I had wasted my money on this. lol. was it working for u before yesterday?
  14. Im having problems using powersaves. do u get like the red '!' marks on the powersaves and codes section? and says "no online content available"?
  15. mm, I really hope its just something from their servers. cause I got mine on amazon, and I know people that bouht it there says it works. but im not getting much answers from other powersave users since yesterday
  16. What does that mean? Is urs working now? Im still having the same issue. Did u buy urs from Amazon?
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