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  1. I'm unable to use the bike lady to change my Rotom Bike skin on the Isle of Armor. This player has the same issue with photos Having chosen the two re-skins, I have no options left to swap the skin or change back to the original appearance. I had 3 Rotom Bikes in my Key Items bag menu (Rotom Bike 2, 3 and 4 respectively). I can't use the Key Items menu in-game to change anything about the bike's appearance. Deleting the extra bikes from my bag with PKHeX doesn't change anything and I'm still riding one of the new sparkling bikes. Is there anything I can change in my save file to bring the option to change bike skins back? EDIT: I have edited my bag contents with PKHeX before, but haven't touched the Key Items pocket specifically. EDIT 2: Feeling very dumb now, deleting all 3 Rotom Bikes does fix it, I just talked to the bike lady to get my bike back and now I can change whenever I talk to her!
  2. That's awesome, thanks for the help. I can just add those two lines but I agree that it would be cool if a future PKHeX release didn't look for those bytes. EDIT: Added two rows of 0s and works fine, then can be reinjected into the VC game as long as I remove the two rows again after editing, thanks again
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help me? I'm playing Pokémon Silver on 3DS with the recently released patches to enable wireless trading. I extracted the sav.dat with JKSM but it won't be read by the 09-18-16 release of PKHeX: Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size. File Size: 32784 bytes (0x8010) I tried renaming the .dat as a .sav so I'm imagining that the file size is the issue, and that it's something to do with the patches used to port the games to VC, or just the VC emulator itself creating saves in a format that PKHeX can't use for Gen II? EDIT: Worth noting I think, Pikasav will load the file once renaming the file extension. But I'd rather use the fantastic PKHeX if possible!
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