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  1. Found a strange legality issue to do with contest stats on the latest pkhex version I have a Sylveon that is bred/hatched as an Eevee on Omega Ruby, that is currently on a Y save file its being flagged with the message "Invalid: Contest Stat Sheen should be 0." because it's current sheen (and all current contest stats) are all 255 lowering the sheen to 0 does make it pass the legality check, but i think this is wrong, when a pokemon has all max contest stats, you can't get that way without eating at least one poffin, which would raise the sheen past zero, you cannot have max contest stats with 0 sheen, and yet that's exactly what pkhex seems to want? This seems like a bug to me, or im not understanding contest stats somehow? 700 ★ - Sylveon - EE4AAC2FF3AD.pk6
  2. I feel like I've scoured all of google and the threads on this site and found nothing, so i made an account here to ask for help with an action replay code lol Is there a code to recollect or redo the starter event at the beginning of the game in pokemon platinum? like there is for hg/ss? like for hg/ss you just could press L+R and you get another one right away, its legitimate and its has your trainer id and everything I dont want an encounter wild pokemon modifer code, i want to recollect the starter event. I just want all 3 legit starters with the same trainer id (which is why i dont wanna restart 3 times and trade) if it has been made could someone show me? cuz ive looked everywhere and just couldnt find one >_< and if it hasnt been made could someone please make one? it would be very appreciated and im sure im not the only one looking for it lol (also sorry if this is in the wrong place or something, never posted here before and made an account just for this lol) thanks! *EDIT* actually i think im good, i fiddled around with pokesav trying to make it work and eventually got what i wanted lol
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