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  1. That's strange... I thought I fixed that exact problem in December 2013. Did you download the file before that? If so, the file has been updated, so download it again. If not, I guess I'll have to look into it. If worst comes to worst, it would only take me 2 and half hours to make the normal version again from scratch.
  2. Well, this is embarrassing... I think when I created the normal patch I selected two identical ROMs. Its been updated now (and I also fixed the fog issue in Pokemon Tower), so hopefully it works. Just download the new rar-file and try it out. Also, let me know if it works.
  3. Update: I've figured out how to save it to the ROM and I've solved problem 2 by simple deactivating the script on route 111.
  4. Hi I'm pretty new to modding and have gotten really far in a project on Emerald using only modding tools (since I can't script), but I have found some issues I can't solve without scripting, so can someone help me with the following? I'd really appreciate it.:kikkoman: I have the following issues: I'd like the professor to give you the National Dex at the start of the game instead of the Regional Dex. The changes I've made to the map on route 111 are only in effect when the Mirrage Tower is there. I want to make it make it so the Mirrage tower is always there to solve the issue. I need to edit Steven's Pokemon in the team battle against Team Magma, but I can't to it with the trainer editor I'm using. I also need to know how to save script changes, because I've made some clumsy attempts combining Advance Map and Extreme Script Editor 1.0, but I don't seem to be able to save the script changes to the ROM. I hope you can help me with this, because I've spent a lot of time on the project and I'm pretty invested in it at this point, so I'd love to fix those glaring flaws. If you help me, I'll of course mention your username wherever I post the final result. Just in case you're interested, here is why the issues above are so problematic: I'm editing the Pokedex entries to tell you how each pokemon evolves, but I'm also adding a lot of variety to which pokemon you'll meet on the different routes, so many of them aren't in the Regional Dex. As an optional add-on to the mod I'm creating "slide mode" where you slide on grass just like on icy floor. Some routes take a lot of editing so you won't just get stuck and on route 111, if no changes are made you can not progress and might get stuck in a situation where you can't go back either. I'm tweaking the leveling process and the pokemon trainers as well. In the mod, Team Magma's pokemon in that battle are level 60 or higher, so Steven's level 42, 43 and 44 pokemon are absolutely useless in the battle.
  5. [video=youtube;-ws3NI-xWTo] This patch does exactly what you think it does. Every pokemon will suddenly only know metronome, and the same goes for enemy trainers. If you want to put strategy aside and just be a spectator to pokemon playing itself for an hour or two, this is the mod you're looking for. The mod is completed, though only playtested once, so there might be a bug or two. Important features: Metronome now has 40PP. Every pokemon can learn all the HMs, but beside Flash (which is now splash) all the HMs have the same effect as metronome. All gym leader battles, rival battles, Elite 4 battles and Giovanni battles are now double battles. No trade evolutions. No TMs Documentation with all the minor changes and a Firered mini-walkthrough How to apply the patch (Note: You must already have a Firered ROM): Download the rar file in this thread. Download (if you don't already have it) Lunar IPS. Extract the rar file. Open Lunar IPS and choose "apply patch". Select the patch from the Pokemon Firered Metronome folder. Select your clean Firered ROM. Get the message screen that says the patch was successfully applied. I suggest using the no$gba emulator to play it. What is the injoke version? I originally made a crappier version of this mod for the pokemon streamer Pkmn Rob, so the injoke version is for people who enjoys his stream. Special features: Your rival is supposed to be Rob in this version (so name him Rob) His pokemon are all memorable pokemon from Rob's various playthroughs (with the name he gave them, so he doesn't send out Slowbro, he sends out Rainmaker). Pokedes is updated with injokes. The champion battle for the Elite 4 re-battle is a special version of Rob. How was the mod made? Well I'm very new to modding and know nothing about code, so I used the following four modding tools: Advance Trainer Nameless Sprite Editor Yet Another Pokemon Editor MoveEditor The first three can be found on the download page on swamperttools. The fourth can be found here Please let me know if you find anything wrong with the mod or the documentation, like a trainer with a pokemon that use something other than metronome (Besides Magikarp, who is intended to also have splash and Ditto, who is intend to still only have transform). Also, if you know a simple way for me to edit the suggested rival names so that Rob is the first option in the injoke version, then I'd love to hear it. UPDATED link: Pokemon Metronom.rar
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