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  1. yeah im only planning to fighting with friends as long as they dont have something like ''warden'' (anti-hack web which checks every connection)
  2. or just say i captured it in gen iv or gen v does this error occur only in gen III?
  3. oh... any chances i could just get the pkm files i want from someone? pid generator doesnt work then? ty for answer
  4. thanks any ways to test it? tried with legal.exe but ive been told it doesnt work/nothing happens when i toss my pkm file in there (other than registering its path)
  5. ohh.. and what do i put in location? cuz poketransfer is from emerald to white.. and from white to white 2? which option shows it was traded? or should i place ''route xx'' where it was first obtained ir emerald? also, regarding my last post, which poketransfer do i choose? (poketransfer) or Poké Transfer Lab? can pokemons evolve after they are caught in poketransfer? cuz then id just leave it with that and say i found it from there ehe
  6. poketransfer i guess (it supossedly went from emerald to white via poketransfer and then trade from my white to my white 2.. so according to what u said my date is right as i used date pokemon was transferred to white from poketransfer) could u confirm that plz? ty for the quick answer
  7. hello, im new to this forum first question regarding pokedex is the following: imagine i have exchanged a feebas (pokemon ive never caught before in white2) with another trainer.. it arrives to me and starts evolving.. well: do i register both feebas and milotic in the pokedex, or only milotic? (as feebas evolved right after it came) 2nd: location: location if it was obtained in emerald as an egg? day-care couple or which? 3rd: date: do i place the date i obtained the pokemon (ie i exchanged it yesterday so id put 23/06/13) or the date the pokemon was caught in other pkm version (ie i captured it 1 year ago in emerald so id put.. 23/06/12) ty for ur info
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