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  1. I'm just tossing this idea out there, maybe get the machine over to Shonumi (reverse engineers unique and obscure GBC and GBA devices and functions, such as the GBC Infrared sensor, GBA MMBN Battle Chip Gate, and the Pokemon Crystal Mobile Adapter GB, among other things, all to add to their emulator, GBE+) or the REON Dev Team (they also work on the Mobile Adapter GB, adding support for the other games it had, trying to recreate the servers, I don't know if they work together) and maybe one of them can emulate the special GBA like hardware to allow the NR disc to actually transmit the event via the Dolphin emulator to GBA emulator connection feature. I think it was stated in the stream that the BIOS was dumped, but it was exactly the same as a standard GBA. So there must be some other hardware in there that has to be analysed and reverse engineered, which would likely take a long time. Obviously it would be up to the owner to contact these people and see if they're trustworthy of the equipment, but if no one else is working on the hardware, maybe let the owner know. Also, I don't know these people, for all I know they might not be interested in this, or not have the time.
  2. Maybe it's like Jirachi from the Pokémon Coliseum bonus disc, where there are a few seeds that allow the event Pokémon to be shiny.
  3. This is amazing! So have the ISOs been uploaded? Not that I could use them anyway, but for online preservation.
  4. I know it's been a long time since this thread was active. @Zerbe92 Would you be willing to upload scans of both sides those cards, and packs? For posterity of the images, not for a working dot code. If scans don't work than at least photos. I've also sent you a PM with more explanation, and in case you don't check this thread. Thank You.
  5. Wow, I didn't notice that custom one was already there, thanks. The double dash (--) is a little weird; but I guess since it's in the ROM that's how it would have been if they went through with the event outside of Japan.
  6. Has anyone translated the Old Sea Map wondercard and the guy who gives it to you's text into English? If not, could someone please do that! I assume it's something like (Based on the other cards): Guy's Text: Speaking to him again after receiving the item, it only repeats the first dialog box. I didn't do it myself because I couldn't figure out how to load the script in XSE. It just shows up blank, even if I enter 250 in that offset box. I assume it's the script where the guy's text is. I'm unsure if it is referred to as map in that "There is a map here for you." section or maybe item, or something else. I don't know Japanese this is just based on context from the official English tickets. Thanks!
  7. I don't know of a program for 4th Gen, since it changes each day. Though for 3rd Gen there's the Pokemon R/S Savegame Editor v0.90 by MiSsInGnO, credit to him/her for developing it. The tool is in spanish, italian, or french, I can't really tell. The save needs to be in an sgm savestate format. It also has some other features. The Feebas locator is the last tab. I couldn't find a link online anymore. So I uploaded it to fileconvoy, which gets deleted in 7 days. So someone should reupload it to make a more permanent mirror. I don't typically use upload services, so I didn't know which to use. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g33095931651fc305999284011a1710f3969c0a4ac
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