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  1. Thanks, you have been VERY helpful. I really appreciate it
  2. Alright, its the same ID as the one which on the wondercard, right?
  3. So it's completely normal that they used ID wasn't added to the list even though it says the wondercard has been used (I always add PCD, never PGT)
  4. I added the secret key wondercard to my save file through Pokegen. Now that I take a look at my save ( of course after reciving the gift) there is no used ''wondercard ID's'' So, since Secret Key ID is 17, should i add 17 manually? Or did something go wrong and it should have been added automatically? Thanks.
  5. Lethalflare

    Changing IVS

    Sucks. I got gen 4. Thanks though
  6. Lethalflare

    Changing IVS

    If I catch a Pokemon with random IV's, then opening save in Pokegen and edit the IV's of the catched Pokemon to 31, will it be set in effect? Also is there any way to check if that was hacked? Thanks.
  7. I understand your problem is solved, but I when I said ''assuming you bought the game'', I answered your question on where your save file is.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can edit without opening a save file. You do have a save file in the cartridge. (Assuming you bought the game) Well, here is a link with BW2 save files. Try em. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/661226-pokemon-black-version-2/saves
  9. Okay. So to get this straight I have to f8 at boot (advanced reboot through win8 settings) then install the driver through device manager then firmware update then im good?
  10. Hm. NDS Backup Adapter Plus it is then. I'm familiar with installing drivers so it's no problem. But, the drivers work for 64bit as long as i Driver Signature Enforcement during boot?
  11. Should I go for SMS4 or NDS +? I really only the feature to back up my save. I have WIN 8 64bit, and I have no problem using Driver Signature Enforcement each time I want to use it ( I'm just going to use it to add missing wondercards for my pokemon games) Which one is the best to use? I also like that the SMS4 does not need driver . But, which one is most bug-free and which one would you recommend most?
  12. I want to add generation IV events to my save, but which one if the files is for what and which one do I use?
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