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  1. Out of all the viewers of my 2 threads, you're the only one who has tried to help me; I really appreciate that. I did just as you said, but it didn't work. The pokemon I generated the codes for didn't appear in my party or box slots -- I tried both. Here's what I checked off under the code generator: -to: HG/SS -Activation button: SELECT -Party count: 1 ~ I only had 1 pokemon in my party in the ROM at that time. -Selected pokemon: CHECK ~ I made sure they were highlighted blue. -Pokedex: CHECK -Mystery Gifts: NO -Items: CHECK Is it required to have a "[save file]" in pokegen? If so, maybe that's my problem... If this is too much information or too vague don't worry about it, I'll find it out eventually. ...I just got this ROM about 2 days ago
  2. Okay, I gotcha on that, but when do I exactly press the select button to activate it? Does the pokemon show up in my party, PC boxes, etc?
  3. I've successfully saved "pokemon (from tabs)" and generated their AR codes to my ROM's cheat list, but I don't know how to activate them. I'm wondering if I need a pokegen "[save file]" in order to achieve this process. Is there some step I'm leaving out? I'm really confused and I've wanted to export perfect pokemon to my Heart Gold ROM for quite some time now.. could someone please help me?
  4. I've been playing Pokemon games since Pokemon Yellow was on store shelves, and honestly, I've never had a more pleasant experience with any other gaming franchise. I've played everything from WiiWares to Call of Duty on my Xbox 360, and boredom is always imminent. Anyways, I joined this site in order to meet new people that share the same interest(s) as me and to get step by step instructions for downloading legal and well-working ROMs from the best. Once I accomplish that, I plan to join a competitive battling league to test myself -- I have no doubts of fulfilling these goal given that I now have the opportunity to chat with you guys: the most knowledgeable people of this field.
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