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  1. Are you actually going to finish this one Alpha? I don't want to get my hopes up because you haven't finished anything you've started yet, like PPRE1 and Alpha Map.
  2. Had a play with it in HG. Awesome tool so far. Finally a tool to edit attacks. Here are a few changes which would make it much better: Text Find & Replace. Would make the text editor much easier to use for certain tasks. Search for name. When you're searching for a Pokemon or attack it can take forever finding things beginning with common letters like S. Apart from that though, awesome. Edit: Also, if you edit a string of text, do you have to keep the total number of characters the same, or can you make it longer?
  3. Alpha, you should post this on Pokecommunity. A DS map editor has recently come up on there and has gotten quit a bit of attention, more so than it has here. If it's already there I didn't see it >.<
  4. You have no idea how long I've waited for this news. Hope this goes far. I wouldn't expect much excitement or a lot of people interested yet tough. Most people stopped following DS hacking because nothing was happening for years, but this combined with Spiky's DS Map Editor will probably bring everyone back
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