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  1. i think my pokesav forum name was clubecgr but it changed everything when i decided to make it my real name *coughanimeversioncough* now that's done. I'll avoid any discussions in this topic since this is a hello topic. Didnt noticed the SIGNUP link for months so I havent re-signed up here. What the heck, I havent contributed from before so what's the big deal, doesnt it?
  2. Im Chris and I just migrated from the old PokeSav forum. Im here to get help from Pokemon HGSS and to other Pokemon details as well. I'll keep everything at minimum to avoid long and unnecessary discussions. I'll keep in touch with this forum when I need something. Dont worry, I dont post noobish replies like "Help! Help!" topic. As much as possible, I'll try to reply and keep posting new topics at minimum. Im from Asia.
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