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  1. Hello. First of all sorry if this is not the correct subforum but there used to be a feature request forum years ago and now it seems to be gone, and searching for other threads that request features the users were redirected here. So I was playing in LGPE fairly since I don't want to hack my switch, but I'm seeing a lot of people (specially youtubers) having melmetals from the get go, when it kinda takes like 5 weeks to get one... and when sending pokes from Pokémon Go to Let's Go, I noticed that, while the phone is obviously connected to internet and checks are done in Niantic servers, the console was completely offline and connected only via Bluetooth. Would it be possible to implement a feature to go with Bluetooth to fake a pokémon go account sending pokémons to the Go Park from pkhex? Or would the communication protocols and stuff be too costly to be implemented?
  2. Is Yakaratools in an emunand considered a cfw or a homebrew? I did the thing months ago and I don't think it's a cfw but when the time comes I'd like to be able to export my current save and import it into a legal cartridge that i'll purchase, is that doable with that setup?
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