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  1. I've been trying the erase cheat, but it's not working... Not sure what I'm doing wrong But my Pokedex will not clear. Edit: Just so specify--the code for White 1. White 2's worked fine.
  2. Just a few questions: 1. Can this be done multiple times or only once per day? 2. If there any way to do it without actually tucking a Pokemon in/a way to generate a fake Pokemon just to tuck in? 3. If you don't go to the tree in the center, will you still have all the items? Or do you need to go to the tree to actually save the items you earned? Sorry if these are stupid questions.
  3. I'd love to see a code to unlock the two trophies from the Battle Subway.
  4. anyway to just grant yourself a bunch of berries/all the furniture options using this? I don't actually care much about getting the Pokemon--just would like to make my house/island nice.
  5. Tried looking, but didn't see them so sorry if I missed them. Just some code ideas I'd love to see for White 2: 1. Change Reversal Cave to B2's 2. Change Route 4 to B2's 3. Force a random fan to come through Join Avenue. (And if someone wanted to take it a step further--a specific one in case someone was trying for a specific shop) 4. All Medals unlocked 5. All Pokemon World Tournaments unlocked/completed. 6. Unlock Battle Subway Trophies in your room. 7. Change backsprite to one of the Pokemon Studio Backsprite costumes. 8. Trainer Card Modifier - To explain, I do mean the actual card and not so much the data. So let's say if someone actually did all 5 things, but wanted the 1st trainer card, they could have that. Similarly, if someone had 4/5 but couldn't do the last for whatever reason and really wanted the last trainer card, they could have that one. 9. Unlock all Funfest Missions
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