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  1. So, I am new to these forums. Basically played: FireRed LeafGreen Emerald Pearl Platinum Heartgold Black Black 2 (In the future) I started getting into the competitive business when I discovered that there were tactics, movesets and strategies for every pokemon. I first started reading Smogon (for info), then I joined up here. Fav pokemon: 1: Black Kyurem 2: Reshiram/Palkia 3:Rayquaza/Garchomp I did participate in a national tournament, never got past prelims as I wasn't really playing competitive back then, so my pokemon were not EV Trained. BTW, I have a LEGIT shiny Chande
  2. Ubers. For shiny and 31 IV, he was playing with legit pokemon as IV+shiny is incredibly rare, but it can still happen. Though its very likely he cheated. OF course, you can abuse RNG to get these pokemon.
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