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  1. All my values equals yours except that above, I didn't used any trash value
  2. My Raikou (Gened too) has happiness 37, Hardy nature and no hold item, and it triggered the event
  3. You just saw it, Gary uses it sometimes (depending his starter)
  4. Well, you know how to insert, but at location choose "(Poke-shifter)" and at encounter you should choose "egg/palpark/event/honey/shaymin" (I know that the right is poketransfer) The nickname is strange because bw2 is a japanese game, but try to write it directly at pokegen.
  5. Pokegen. I used it instead of poketransfer and got to use platinum pokemon in black (yes, legit pokemon) and traded it on GTS, and because it's pokegen, they still are on platinum, but the pokemon has to be LEGIT.
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