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Hello! I'm Crystal! I'm a hug fan of Pokémon since 1998. One of the first Pokémon games is Pokémon Red, which my cousin originally had for his Super Game Boy adapter for the SNES. As of today, I've got over 11 or 12 Pokémon games (nine or ten core games), with a current game I've played was Pokémon Sun. I also had Pokémon Moon, but I prefer Sun as to Moon.

I'm also had some Pokémon OCs, with a most notable being Aqua the Shiny Mew, whom I created in February 2012. He is my male Pokésona, hence my username. I also had an another Pokésona, who is also a Mew, except she's female. She was made in 2010 before Aqua came in.

I'm also a fan of games, anime, cartoons, as well as several fandoms (other than Pokémon) including Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, Anpanman and Perman. Keep in mind that I'll be doing here less often than in other sites, OK?

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