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  1. Well after tons of search i found a link for the therian form landorus (caught at dream radar)i exported it to my game, i was willing to get the reflection mirror, but unfortunately still there is no old man there in the abundant shrine to give me reflection mirror...? so any help , how can i get the landorus with which i can get reflection mirror , also i used a cheat for reflection mirror but it doesn't change the form of tornadus / thundurus ? This was the link i got my landorus from http://projectpokemon.org/events/jp-dr.php but still no luck ?
  2. well, i don't know how to make one ... i downloaded the wondercard of both keldeo and melloeta and opened up its information in pokegen , but some say that you now need to upload it on an online GTS and recieve it in game with wifi...the problem is , i am using NO$GBA emulator and no wifi...so it would be much better if someone provide me with a code or another tutorial to do so.
  3. Please, Please , please..could someone make the code for Keldeo, Melloeta and Genesect for white 2 version.. i want the original event pokemon code so that i can change their forms in game.
  4. another problem with black 2/white 2 on no$gba..while switching pokemons or viewing their summary the game freezes??? i know i could just use desmume and skip all problems but i want to play the game with speed so any patches/codes for no$gba?
  5. Having a problem in white 2 rom, i have patched the clean rom and stuff..when my mom enters the house the rom image crashes..fatal error?
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