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  1. yea i already did the converting to raw format before editing it with that same website. turns out all it was that the new save file had a different name so i just changed it to match the .nds file. thanks alot for your help
  2. i have pokemon white rom (J) for no$gba emulator. i wanted to get victini but you needed a liberty pass which you can only get with mystery gift so someone recommended me pokesav but i couldnt really figure it out so he did it for me but now i want to learn how to do it myself. so what i understand is that when i open up pokesav, i open my save file, go to wondercards and click edit, load the pgf, add the wondercard id, click ok then save. i did all of this but when i load that newly created save file, my game starts off as a new game. luckily i have a copy of the original save file which has all my pokemon incased i messed up. can someone please tell me what i have to do? thank you
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