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  1. 52010494 5881008A 020104CC 4804BD00 020104C8 2001FFF3 020104C4 F7FFB500 0201049C 5880BD00 02010498 2001FFF3 02010494 F7FFB500 D0000000 00000000 Put this AR code in Black 2 and everything will unlock, including Glacier Room. Thanks to ZoroarkX for this code.
  2. Actually, I saved while keeping the code on, and turned it off afterwards, and it saved everything unlocked.
  3. Awesome, thank you!!! I doubt there's a universal one right now, but someone might discover it.
  4. Is there any way to unlock Glacier Room in Black 2 if you're using an emulator?? I'm pretty sure there isn't, but I just wanna make sure.
  5. So I found out the US version of this game is coming out on the 7th of October, and they're getting paid for translating and stuff. Y'all are coming out with decent timely updates, and y'all don't get paid. And because of y'all, I was able to beat Black 2. So thank you all for your hard work thus far.
  6. I tried it as well and got your same result, didn't work with QWERTY but it worked by hand. However, I un-patched the game and tried it, and it did work both ways. So maybe the patch interferes with entering it using QWERTY. I'ma look more into why it does that.
  7. O_O really wish i would've known that...at least i know how to do it now when i play through White 2. Thanks for this info!
  8. Phew! Thank you so much, my password happened to be Reshiram, but I got confused with the second symbol the first time I entered it. It looks like a smiley face, and there are two smiley face symbols similar to it as well. Took me awhile to tell a difference.
  9. Do any of these patches conflict with entering the password for the Plasma Frigate?? Many ppl on different boards have said it's impossible. I don't wanna believe that.
  10. I see some ppl reporting bugs in V4, and I just downloaded it, but I'll check it out and see how it is for myself. Hopefully I can still use my save file...
  11. Thank you guys for all your hard work. I'm currently writing a FAQ for this game and the English translations are really helpful. However, I'll have to play through this completely before I can really do my FAQ, as not all of the main plots of the storyline are translated yet, and I get stuck. But I praise you guys for your work, it's really appreciated, and keep it up!
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