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  1. Hey, I've been digging into the hall of fame data and I think I have a pretty good handle on JPN and NA offsets. can't test for KOR however sorry. What I can find online says the game stores 30 of these. I only tested up to 8 however. For JPN offsets, GSC use the exact same offsets, a repeating 136 byte chunk for each HoF clear. Pokemon are stored in 22 bytes. 0x32B0 will be the HoF clear number. Each subsequent clear will shift the older HoF clear 136 bytes down the line. 0x32B1 first pokemon's dex number 0x32B2-0x32B3 is the pokemon's trainer ID. trainer name is no
  2. I figured you already had that. Well I found a couple more emotions. A is "felt comfortable" C is "it got a bit carried away" 10 is "it had some difficulty" 11 is "it felt exhausted" 12 is "it couldn't be true to its feelings" 13 is "it felt proud" 15 is "it got angry" 17 is "it got sleepy". That is all i have at the moment that doesn't overlap with yours.
  3. Thanks to your mass dumper I've been able to check a couple of things in the pokemon memory. I tried to look if it was already discovered but the search function on the site kept giving me database errors. 0xCE-0xCF OT Memory TextVar is sometimes used to reference pokemon in the memory. For example when 0xCC OT Memory TextFile is equal to 11(hex) the memory reads (Pokemon) battled at (trainer)'s side and defeated (pokemon2) (determined with 0xCE and 0xCF). Sorry if this was already posted.
  4. So I spent about an hour catching all the unown in my Japanese pearl and I found out that a few of them had invalid location or said things like required lead serious synch while my lead was a palkia. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=box&bid=15&u=1random
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