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  1. Is there a way to edit my Pokémon White 2 .sav file so that it's compatible as Pokémon Black 2 .sav file. When I simply change the name to the Black 2 .nds file, it doesn't recognize it. Because v4.1 is only for Black 2, and others said the translators are only working on Black 2 now.
  2. Is there a possibility of switching between White 2 and Black 2 withouten losing my safe file? I tried renaming my safe file to Black, but it doesn't work.
  3. I'm using a clean ROM, yes. But the file name of the v4.1 has _blk at the end, does that mean it's for Black 2 only? If so, is there also a White 2 version? EDIT: Confirmed.. it only works for Black 2. Could anyone get the _wht version of the v4.1?
  4. Thanks mate! When I try to patch it using Delta Patcher Lite, I get this error: [0:44:12] An error has occurred: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT Any idea why? When I put 'checksum validation' off, it doesn't give this error, but my .NDS (patched) file becomes 216MB and is corrupted when trying to play it.
  5. Wait.. what? Looking forward to it, because the v4 is already epic. Together with a English walkthrough it's pretty good to do now. Thanks already for v4, guys .
  6. I can see at PS that their text-translation is already at 35%, isn't there the possibility to use their translation to make it easier for you guys?
  7. xdelta.exe: C:\ (...) \Pokemon black 2.nds: Checksum validation failed, expected: 281548dd6ccbf3faae48c05538e80e84, received: 665138407a74020c2236163897393c2d xdel ta.exe: F:\Pokemon White 2 J.nds: Checksum validation failed, expected: 617c7ba1c853ec8a1194db913a6af860, received: 91b919fb93ed320c7c346fa24a0d076a Getting this error while patching EDIT: Nvm, silly me. I hope v3 will be released in 2 hours, so I can play Pokémon on holidays :'(.
  8. I'm going on vacation tuesday night (or: friday morning) and I would love to play Pokémon, since that's what I do the most while travelling to our holiday location. Is this translation already pretty good? I know I can check in the logs of the OP, but I do not know what has to be done more now. Thanks!
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