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  1. The save files are switchable between roms. just rename the save to the same name as ur black 2 or white 2 rom name
  2. Well decided to check out black city but i cant. It freezes again this time the top screen turns blue
  3. I cant enter Striaton City however using the walk through walls cheat i was able to get around it and get to the Home town of the first Black and white games.
  4. It wont be put on as it was stated a few pages ago. You can do it urself if you want it that badly >_<
  5. Sorry for the double post but this is rather important. I noticed there was a change on the first post 4 hrs ago from this post. so i clicked the Download link and the mediafire account has been canceled. should probably fix this asap before people whine about it.
  6. Hi there appears to be a problem with the beta translation provided. I completed the game out of impatience for the next patch hehe. Anyway there are like 5 cities that are now unlocked after beating the league. Anyway I cant access 2 of them due to the fact that the game freezes. It freezes as i try to enter Striaton City. Perhaps its due to the trimmed rom i suppose. idk if its exactly important as idk if there is any events in those 2 cities
  7. This patch has more translated. their text is based off the entire text in game to translate. the 5 percent on our end is the story txt. the rest is pretty much translated. So no we dont need to use their patch. and we have the game translated up to a specific point as well. its not random like PSN although there are some random bits translated throughout the game. Which the guranteed english translation ends at Sanghi Ranch or however its spelled.
  8. They are translated :facepalm: Make sure to apply the patch that doesnt have kana at the end >_<
  9. That new ap patch has not been included in the patch as of yet. That was posted after the v4 release. but may however appear in v5 whenever thats released. its been over a week since the last update so i think it will be released soon perhaps.
  10. i see youtube videos of the v2 patch posted on June 27th. So im pretty confident that we already have that patch you posted unless ofc this is a modified one from elsewhere
  11. Perhaps it fixes some bug in the game. perhaps the c gear issue or other. will look into it Edit: Nvm its an old patch nothing new about it soyeah we dont need it lol
  12. They are obviously not taking the time to translate as accurately as possible >_<
  13. Project pokemon is almost done anyway. i expect everything but the story to be finished in the next release. Not that i dont expect an increase in the story translation but i dont expect it to be completed
  14. I dont even understand ur first question If you looked at the 1st post they say how much is complete in each category. that should answer your 2nd question. Your 3rd question is stupid. They cant give you where its stopped until its released. So pretty pointless to even ask. and for your 4th question i find that very rude. it will get released when it gets released. dont rush them. It takes time to translate all this.
  15. I dont have an acekard so i may not be able to help you completely. but i think it works on that card on the latest firmware without using the dat files
  16. Now hold hold up immature little kid. Just because you cant take some criticism doesnt mean you gotta be a little whiner. I answered ur questions. nobody else at that point did so there they are answered. And yes i was a bit rude so i apologize.
  17. You obviously cant read then >_< You v3 Dat question was answered on page 10 Also it says in the first post they were provided by darkspirit456 . Next the pokemon Kana version. if you looked at the second page somebody asked if they would release a version which keeps the japanese version names. And page 22 has someone explaing how to get the codes to work via game id. so yes all ur questions were answered if you actually read the topic. And you can be grateful i even bothered as everybody else was practically ignoring you. And someone else answering you isnt going to change the answers i gave. And nobody else will answer as i already did.
  18. Not if the answers were already in the comments. its not like there are 200 pages for cryin out loud. and theres only like 10 posts per page. and i answered his questions anyway so i dont see the point of ur argument. and i wasnt even talking to you so again not seeing the point or ur argument >_<
  19. Question why didnt you read the first post and the rest of the topic? All your questions would have been answered.However since ur too lazy to have done so the v3 Dat files are for Flash Carts if the games dont work to begin with. THe translation by kana is still an english translation but with the Japanese pokemon names as some people like those. and the game id is so that you can make cheats work. Seriously read before you ask questions >_<
  20. Try using the Delta patcher lite application instead of the actual xdelta app. worked for me >_<
  21. THis works well on my regular R4i SDHC 3DS card well now since they finally updated their software. v2 and v3 both worked well on it.
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