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  1. thank u also big companys can translate in 3 months to 6 months. small companys take up to year 2 to translate and there paid if all you fans wanna look it up go ahead you will see how long it can take.
  2. they say 98 percent on this site cause there is no way for 100%. there are still 2 percent items and events still not released yet. so no way to translate somethin that dont exist yet. so once they released they wont be 100 percent. so this site probly said 98% to be more accurate in case one those items released. remember in older games they had special items like oaks letter and the item to get to newmoon island and all those event items to get to these rare legendarys. well items not revealed yet
  3. ttds works i tested it i have it working '' i got my dstt/ttds working what i did 1 delete everything or format the card with panasonic formatter 2 download Wood TTDS 1.29 3 put all files in the sd card 4 turn game on 5 press y on the game and x select cheats off and reset to off. 6 save settings and start game
  4. for all of you people who saying you want a new patch as soon as possible or within few weeks and want it fully translated by then thats impossible. in translation teams for professional translations who paid by companys like gamefreak,atlus,namco and so on takes them several months to translate. and they all work full days every day and payed. seen as all these generous people are translating this for free it will most likely take them till august or September to fully translate it. most likely 80 percent but mostly english. i know you dont wanna hear this but stop asking to fully translate and rush these nice translators. for me i like to thank them for being generous and wait patently. im no trying to be rude to the translators if i offend you on saying your gonna take a long time.i just know it takes alot work and respect it.
  5. i know this may be irrevelent but i went to work and picked up few r4i and 3ds cards. r43ds and r4i upgrade revolution both work perfectly with R4i-3DS V1.59b firmware i switch sd card both cards work perfectly
  6. well atm there was a cheat file. yet i dunno if there will be more later on maybe so.
  7. did you use normal patch ot the kana one? normal will have english names. kana is japanese pokemon name translations and such.
  8. ok if your pokemon you cought were in japanese it wont change. if u catch new pokemon after the patch it be translated. i had same issue, aparently the pokemon you caught with japanese names are like nickname pokemon seen as they cut the japanese names out it detects names of japanese pokemon as nicknamed pokemon if i not mistaken
  9. well for me the pokemon and stuff english. only thing that still japanese is trainer speach and the story line. never had issues with the names of pokemon and i on the third badge. then again the dialog of story is only at 5 percent so makes sense for the story to go back japanese at sangi town. pokemon and items still translated though.
  10. small clerical error when u meet alder first time in sangi town he says ah yourluna of Asperta luna needs a spacing also in the transtated part i noticed few spacing issues in beginning before u reach asperta
  11. i got my dstt/ttds working what i did 1 backup my retrogamer in zip 2 delete everything 3 download Wood TTDS 1.29 4 put all files in the sd card 5 turn game on 6 press y on the game and x select cheats off and reset to off. 6 save settings and start game i tested wood on dstt and works with other games too just make shure follow directions
  12. can i ask why isnt dstt/ttds flash cards on your front page you have all other but i feel like my flashcard you left out.
  13. in the very beginning it says this when your talkin to your mom I almost forgot ! the should be an Xtransceiver in your bag. it should say I almost forgot ! There should be an Xtransceiver in your bag. ========================================== before the first battle with hue says the egg that i was taking care of hatched into a tepig in way i think bianca gave him a pokedex and a pokemon didnt they wouldnt it? or is it correct just seems weird that he ask for pokedex and pokemon or such then get egg and hatch on spot. ================================ when entering pokecenter says this Bianca: i'll give you a quic tour of the pokemon center! fix to Bianca: i'll give you a quick tour of the pokemon center! =================================== after you get your map you mom says this go with key items and meet many other pokemon but when you talk again it says go with (starter) and meet many other pokemon. i thought it odd glitch seen as it only first message says it ======================== ill post more as i progress game
  14. i got my dstt/ttds working what i did 1 backup my retrogamer in zip 2 delete everything 3 download Wood TTDS 1.29 4 put all files in the sd card 5 turn game on 6 press y on the game and select cheats off and reset to off. 6 save settings and start game sadly when i wanna play other games i need retrogamer so i backed it up.
  15. in experience on rom hacking. trimming never works out. i had total 12 roms in life and i say bout 8 or 9 dont support trimming
  16. ttds i had few problems like that too. think alows a 128 256 or 512 mb rate or some wat even after patch. i know my other flash card works with some patches trimmed same firmware and some dont. i had total 12 flash cards in life and i have experienced trimming as issue on some flash cards.
  17. i see so did you find way to test it with 6.80. retro? it my firmware atm i dont wanna go back to acekad r.p.g or wood
  18. i see so it not just the .dat files like last game. it more complex then that.
  19. so basicly its cause the rom is cut and incomplete. meaning there patch is failure? but i have conformations of few people with other flashcards on saying it works.
  20. i tried both ur better dats and nom nom one neither works on my flash card better stuck at loading menu freeze. and the nom nom nom one error =4
  21. if u can can u upload new exlib and dat files or such. some people cant create such files even though people say its easy.
  22. u kidden me? do i have to get new dats every update :frown: verrsion 2 works 3 dont noooo
  23. is anyone translating badges yet? i do know seribii translated it id even do the pull if i can use seribiis resource and it not to hard to do the pull request.
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