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  1. The codes work fine with the English Translation patches provided here and by PokeStation. All you need to do is change or add the Game ID for the Patched ROM into the database. You can modify it using this program (R4CCE) just find Pokemon Black 2, right click it, copy it, then click on the copied folder and to the right there's a button with "..." on it, click on that and find your rom. It will change the ID. Go to FILE, Sort the games alphabetically (apparently it doesn't work if you don't do this) then Save the file. I would like it personally, assuming he meant to say he wants the Romanized Japanese names. I wouldn't hold you to it though as that would just increase the work load.. 6 patches at at time is a bit much. It's obviously up to you. I look forward to the next patch all the same! Keep up the good work guys.
  2. It's working great on my cart (Supercard DSTwo), however I was looking for either the Game ID's or the xdelta patches for 1.0 and 1.1 to add those ID's to the CMP/DS-Scene cheat database. **Edit** I looked through those DATs to see if perhaps the ID's were in there, I found the ID's but they don't seem right. The ID's I have for v2 seem to be different from the ones contained in those DATs. **Edit 2** Just thought I would report some minor typo's and grammatical errors: 1. At the start of the game your Mom is telling you to go find Bianca to get your Pokemon and Pokedex, she then proceeds to tell you the XTransceiver is in your bag. The sentence says: "I almost forgot ! The should be an Xtransceiver in your bag." It should be "There should be an Xtransceiver in your bag." 2. After your first battle with Hyuu (just after getting your Pokemon) Bel will say: "Now! That's battle took a lot out of your Pokemon." It should be "That Battle took a lot out of your Pokemon." 3. When Bel takes you to the Pokemon Center she's going to give you a tour she says: "I'll give you a quic tour of the Pokemon Center!" 4. During Bel's tour she says: "Don't hesitate to ask for thier help if your Pokemon are hurt!" 5. Still during Bel's tour: "Here is the PC! very trainer can use it." 6. At the Poke Mart Bel says: "Pokemon are kept in Poke Balls, when can be purchased at any Poke Mart!" It should say "Pokemon are kept in Poke Balls, which can be purchased at any Poke Mart!" 7. Outside the Pokemon Center before departing for Route 19 your Mom says: "Go with KEY ITEMS and meet plenty of other Pokemon!" When you talk with her again it's corrected with "Go with Oshawott and meet plenty of other Pokemon!" I chose Oshawott just FYI. 8. When examining a cabinet it says: "The closet contains many sorted Pokemon goods." Should it not say "The closet contains many assorted Pokemon goods." ? I know these are really minor, and hopefully you don't think I'm nitpicking. I'm just trying to help out. Regardless, I'm finding no actual bugs so far, so that's a good thing! Keep up the great work guys! LOL @ the girl who changes the language in Sangi town. You guys rock.
  3. I think this is a better place to post my question, so I removed it from the main thread and put it here: Do you happen to know the Game ID of the v1 and v1.1 patches, or know of a place where I can get them? I ask because a friend of mine maintains a cheat database and would like to add the v1 and v1.1 ID's to it, just in case people don't know where or how to update the translation patch. If none of this is available that's fine (after all, v3 would be best to get), but I thought I would ask just in case.
  4. The patcher trims excess data (think of it like padding) the rom will work just fine though.
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