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  1. Starting a conversation in the Union Room, your character says 'Cancel' instead of 'Hello'. Once the other player accepts, the script works fine.
  2. v4 Issue: On the Pokemon Menu, the sub-menu that was ITEMS in v3 and is ITEMS in BW (and all other distros) has been changed to BAG. Can we please return it to ITEMS?
  3. Shinyhunter: Which patch did you use? the '*Translationv3_Kana' will use the Japanese Pokemon names.
  4. There are several trainers like that, seems like 'vs. Seeker' type battles.
  5. Request for next release: Xtransceiver communications with Bianca and Cheren mainly -- these are happiness and EV checking, compatibility checks. Thanks
  6. If she is playing the announcer to all the audience and you, then {Trainer Name} sounds better.
  7. make sure your .sav file is the same name as the .nds file. like others, I've played this .sav file since before this project got to v1.0
  8. How do we apply both patches that are within the v2 packages? I applied the 'PKMNBLKENGv2PROJECTPKMN', then when I attempted to apply the 'PKMNBLKENGv2PROJECTPKMNJapanesePokemonNames' I get a checksum error. -or- Do they both contain the same coding except that the 'PKMNBLKENGv2PROJECTPKMNJapanesePokemonNames' romanized the Kanji names?
  9. v1.1 does work on my R4i SDHC RTS card. Check for latest firmware and software.
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