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  1. I assume you're using the Wood kernel, in which case, you need to turn off soft reset and cheats. Tell me what cart you're using, and I'll do my best to help you out. If you happen to be using Wood (since carts running the Wood kernel are the only ones that seem to have this issue), shut off soft reset and cheats. By the way, for everybody, if you have cart issues, don't just post that it isn't working for you: tell us your cart, kernel, and exact problem. Chances are, I have a few solutions for you to try out.
  2. Normally, it shouldn't have that effect. Altering hex values that only involve the AP should do nothing but affect the AP. If there are any ill effects from applying an AP patch (or a translation patch that includes that AP fix), then you should be looking at your cart, not at the patch. By the way, to note, those "some cards" only include the Supercard DSTWO. Nothing else can run the games clean yet. I wouldn't say the problem of one person with a DSTWO is the problem of everybody.
  3. Just want to say, thanks for the great work. I've started working on keeping a somewhat large forum that I frequent informed of this group's progress, and have been encouraging individuals to come and thank everybody that has contributed to this project for their work. I look forward to future patches. To note: the topic on the other forum contains the download link to the patches, a rather large link to this topic, a disclaimer that I'm not part of the group and that my opinions are not those of the group (for the less than brilliant individuals who don't get that not being part of the group means that my opinions aren't those of the group), screens, and the change log. If any of this is not OK, just let me know and I'll yank it down. If you want a link to the exact topic, I can provide it. Thanks again for this. I look forward to keeping others informed of your progress.
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