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  1. You probable need the DATs for 4 ----- http://uploadmirrors.com/download/SVOGPSFK/DAT_s_v6057.rar Over-Ride DAT's extinfo.dat/infolib.dat/savlib.dat/usercheat.dat into the TTMenu folder of either DSTT/YSMenu R4's - Are any of RGF ttmenu folders. Incuded latest titlelist6057.xml use with TTdT.exe Changelog V6057 - Credit's in text files Fixed - IRDJ DB31F77C - 6043 Pocket Monsters White 2 v4.0 Project Pokemon (JP) Fixed - IREJ 1B810F4C - 6042 Pocket Monsters Black 2 v4.0 Project Pokemon (JP) For cheats - V4.0 for edit with R4cee + your type of cheat file. IRDJ 200B75AE - White v4.0 Project Pokemon IREJ E0BB8D9E - Black v4.0 Project Pokemon Added to latest usrcheat.dat 2012-07-06 savelib.dat 1MB save - IRDJ - 6043 Pocket Monsters White 2 (JP) savelib.dat 1MB save - IREJ - 6042 Pocket Monsters Black 2 (JP) ---------------------------------------------- RGF Fix - B8YP - 6057 Settlement Colossus (EU) RGF Fix - B8HX - 6056 Mays Mystery The Secret of Dragonville (EU) RGF Fix - BNGJ - 6055 Maru Goukaku Shikaku Dasshu! Care Manager Shiken (JP) RGF Fix - B4ZP - 6053 Naraba World The Mysterious Palace (EU) RGF Fix - B2MP - 6052 Naraba World The Labyrinth of Light (EU) RGF Fix - B5YP - 6051 Jewel Link Mysteries Mountains of Madness (EU) RGF Fix - TCGY - 6050 Ice Age 4 Continental Drift (FR/DU) (EU) RGF Fix - TMAP - 6049 Mahjong Mysteries Ancient Athena (EU) RGF Fix - TCGX - 6048 Ice Age 4 Continental Drift (GE/SP) (EU) RGF Fix - TAMP - 6047 The Amazing Spider Man (EU) RGF Fix - TPLP - 6046 Pippi Longstocking (EU)
  2. Probably because the people working on it do have their own lives and can't commit all their time to this. Chase-san says that the changelog doesn't even scratch the surface of everything that was done, so there's probably a lot more that got done than we think. That, and this team seems very adamant about putting out quality and well tested translations and ironing out bugs, which will extend the amount of time it takes.
  3. Glad to see another patch out, I really like this translation. I assume we'll see some matching DATs out at some point?
  4. They're separate projects. And it's probably just because two different teams wanted to make a translation. They've gone about it differently from what I've seen, so it's not just cut and paste from eachother.
  5. People assume that because the front page says the wait is a maximum of three days that it is absolutely set in stone. The thread owner has not given a release date, therefore no one knows. They said that this patch would take longer than the others, so it's gonna take longer. Anyone saying it's today is just making assumptions.
  6. Alright, I had no idea it had that effect (I have a Pokestation patched Black 2, Project Pokemon patched White 2, but I haven't played either yet), so thanks for explaining that. It would be nice to have the option, like you mentioned, but I'll do the longer route if it means a better patch.
  7. Because it's a hobby of mine, and I really think it's very fun. Because it hasn't worked, why the fuck do you think? It only works on my card when I patch a ROM with the 2CH patcher, and then use NitroExplorer to move the files over.
  8. I've gotta do the NitroExplorer thing for it to work, but I'm excited. Good job on the fast update. c: Edit: I am wondering though, would it be possible to include the 2CH AP patch with the translation patch in the future? It's not a major deal, but out of curiosity. Again, good job and good luck.
  9. Yeah, it definitely won't run on my R4i-SDHC, all updated and everything. But, still excited to see how this goes, it's pretty nice to have two translations going at once.
  10. I have an R4i-SDHC, and those have just been plagued with problems. I have the card itself set up to run the ROMs, but I think the actual ROMs need to be fixed in some ways to work with it, like with the PS patch.
  11. I mean I could be wrong and there might be something else going on. But using a clean ROM from the same link for both, it isn't playable with this patch. So I'm figuring that's what'd be... But I dunno. I'm gonna wait a bit anyway and see how this develops.
  12. So, I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, does this patch NOT include an AP patch? I figure that would prolly explain why it doesn't work on my R4i-SDHC, as the PS patch does and they have the AP patch.
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