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  1. CrystalTile2. I sense you think what I said is untrue, but it is not. I already attempted to do it with that logo when I first started. But w/e, you're free to go ahead and waste your time
  2. The English logos are too tall for the texture structure. The ones I made use most of the English logo, but forgo the typical overused Pokemon trademark sign that is often used at the top, for the more creative Japanese Pokeball in the logo concept. The classic logo could be scaled way down to fit, but it would then become very blurry and ugly looking, given the current space restriction.
  3. It was a design choice I made. I at first had it half cut like that, but it left a big black space between the L and A that look aesthetically unpleasing. So I opted for this slightly altered design for the black. The actual English logo doesn't even have the pokeball, it just says Pokemon above it in the classic trademark style. http://jsicktheslick.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/pokemon-black-2-cover.png But maybe putting a line where it normally ends might be an even better choice, so it feels more like a pokeball.. hmm
  4. In the mediafire link, there is a folder named "English versions with Jap pokemon names". I believe this is what you're looking for!
  5. There's an IRC chat that was posted at the start of the thread, and in a yellow alert at the top of the forum . http://webirc.bitsjoint.net/?channels=projectpokemon%2Cb2w2translation You can go there and ask/discuss about how you can help.
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