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  1. hoping once the game leak is out we can get some pkhex cheat from it but of course take ur time in creating the updates cheats for it
  2. ok it works now lol got it to be legit ty also like to say that ur haxs is awesome for those that want to hve 100% completion great work alays
  3. but how to i make the camp one legit then just using the pkhex program with out using trade ink to evovle machoke to champ unless their no way to bypass the unknown encounter for it unless their a option i miss for traded mons evolve
  4. this the machamp i wanted to make legit with out doing a trade with out a another 3ds but but i try to check it i get invalid unone enconter 068 - Machamp - 56A100000000.pk7 i wanted to do it with other ones that need to be traded though
  5. having issue creating a full evovle form of machamp and other that use link trade with items is their a way to make a legit one cuz every time i tried it says invalid encounter
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