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  1. Thank you Kaphotics! If I'm not pushing it, what values would you enter in the Time Finder section for VCount, GxStat and VFrame(you said to "expand range drastically")? I really don't know what are good values to enter. I understand that RNG'ing on the DS is easy as hell(and agree), but I would still like to be able to RNG on the emulator for fun.
  2. Hello, I am trying to RNG on DeSMuME and have run into the following issues: 1) RNG Reporter - I cannot find the values for VCount, Timer), GxStat, and VFrame. What type of DS do I put in for "DS Type"? 2) I would like to know when the "second"(time/clock)comes into effect. Is it as soon as I open the game on the emulator? 3) Is there a LUA script that shows the RNG? 4) Anywhere to read up on emulation RNG? Having a hard time finding anything dedicated to emulation RNG. 5) When would I hold "Keypresses"? I know I am asking alot of questions, but I am sure this thread will help someone else in the future. Also, I tried downloading RAM Watch(IDK what it does, but it seemed useful) but Kaphotics webpage does not allow you to download it anymore(404'd). All Smogon links lead to the same 404'd page. Is this something I need? Thank you very much! Dice
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