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  1. Aside from Smogon, I think legendarypokemon.net has some pretty good and easy to understand guides. Might even suggest them as introduction guides over Smogon.
  2. Hello fellow competitive battlers A few months ago I was looking for a way to easily manage my EV training without the endless use of paper. Because I couldn't find a way that fitted my style I started creating my own app. After using if for a few weeks I decided I wanted to make it available to the public. And that's where I am now! So I've been looking for places on the internet where I could discuss with other competitive battlers and I believe this is the place to be. Therefor I would hereby like to present you Pkmn Training Tools. An Android app that helps you keep track EV's and calcu
  3. Hello Pokémon fans, My name is Richard, I'm 22 and of course I like Pokémon. I have played every generation to date and am currently playing Ruby on my Gameboy Micro. I'm also a huge fan of the movies. So I'm a gamer, I develop apps and I like to commute using my longboard.
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