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  1. It's 2014, I've just figured out all the steps to print cards, just need to buy photopaper and I can test this.
  2. Hey could I get my Username changed to TheHeatedMo, it's my YouTube and stuff.
  3. Yeah I am currently saving up for one, won't be able to purchase right away though . Hopefully we'll be able to get into the Japanese version and see if it does anything on the US version.
  4. I just read your post so sorry for the long reply, here you go! Download Link Just uploaded it to my website! Knock yourself out unfortunately my computer is unable to handle VBA-M when it's in Joybus mode, give it a try!
  5. Nigoli, You would need a modified Japanese Pokemon Colosseum ISO which would allow it to read US Saves. US Retail/Backup of Pokemon Colosseum. A modified Nintendo Wii/GC (Wii is the best option) that can run GC Backups. Printed out E-Reader Cards for Colosseum Double Battle. Than scan the printed Cards into the Completed US Pokemon Colosseum Save being Run on a Japanese Game. Save the game. Check the US Version. In the US Version you SHOULD be able to access the E-Reader Room if saved in the Japanese Game that is modified to save over a US Save. go to the receptionist. If she says you can battle previous VR trainers without scanning we are successful, extract a GC save for us and bring it over to the forum with a DL Link. I meet all these standards except for that damn e-reader + -.-, otherwise I would've done it myself *sigh*
  6. Easier, modify the Japanese Version to Save on a US SAVE, than scan the cards. Save the game,face the trainers you scanned on the E-Reader +. But still it's really hard to find an E-Reader + for a decent price, can you find a place that will sell an E-Reader + for cheap?
  7. First off. -The Room may be kept in the PAL release, but would have no reason to be in there. -The E-Reader was NEVER released in the UK and other parts of Europe. -There is no reason to experiment with the PAL version because it is the version to get the least results, so far as maybe that the Room is probably... 1. Been PHYSICALLY REMOVED because the US version released before it just hid the room. 2. Still there unchanged from the US Version with US or Japanese E-Reader Data. 3. Still there unchanged from the Japanese version with Japanese E-Reader Data. 4. There with no NPCs, or even a save PC. 5. There with NPCS without dialogue. 6. Corrupted, so that you are unable to get out. 7. Most Unlikely, There with Experimental E-Reader Functionality that would work with PAL only E-Readers. The Printer is no big deal because those with US or JPN E Reader's will be able to scan with a Printed Card from their printer. If we can surpass this region lock it will open doors to the modding community, so please if you can experiment with your iso and the e-cards provided at this link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/258536/ecards.zip and you get something, don't hesitate to reply right away! You may also want to look for an E-Reader, or alternative such as an E-Reader Rom, obviously can't solicit it on here.
  8. I've actually tried that today, I also tried that with the English E-Reader Rom which told me REGION LOCK. What you're actually supposed to do is actually go to Pokemon Colosseum, say Yes to the first question, say No to the second question and than leave it at the 3rd Question until you start up the E-Reader and go to Communication -> Nintendo Gamecube. This will actually download the Pokemon Colosseum application card scanning data used to send data through the E-Reader to Pokemon Colosseum, after that go to Access Saved Data, then on the Screen, (which I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (N) ) will say please Scan Pokemon Colosseum Double Battle E Stadium Card, then will say Please Scan Pokemon Colosseum Trainer Card. It will transmit the data, and than *BAM* the information is sent to Colosseum. THERE IS NO WAY you can scan the card, and save it on the Utilities Access Saved Data (Which is basically the cards information saved onto the E-Reader permanently until overwritten), HOWEVER you can transmit the Pokemon Colosseum Transmission Application, and save it onto the Access Saved Data which than can be edited in a .sav file created by VBA or Extracted by gba backup tool v0.21. I'm not much of a hacker, but hackers can decipher a way to scan Japanese Cards, or translate these cards through trial and error, than you can easily just print out these cards with a 1200 DPI resolution or Higher Printer, onto Photopaper, load the save onto the E-Reader with GBA Backup Tool 0.21 with the *deciphered* save and scan the *translated* Card onto the US version. How do I know this? Both the Japanese and US Version of the game have something called carde_menu.fsys which is a file holding all the Data for the E-Reader and how it works. You can see that in the hex editor, all 20 trainer cards .bin files (information either that contains information matching the card, or information needed to activate the event) are listed and I'm sure the other 4 are somewhere in the game's file system (I Used GC ISO tool to Extract carde_menu.fsys). I cannot solicit ROMS and ISOS on this forum but I'm sure you may be able to find a rom on Colosseum and use GC ISO Tool to find some other things that pertain to this room in General and maybe Trainer Data, Trainer Text Dumps, Anything you may be able to find. Again, how do I know this? When Scanning a card in the E-reader it will access Sprites, Data, Information from the save file and the save file is actually basically the Game Information it is supposed to access. Pokemon Colosseum, DOES NOT have the type of save file that the e-reader creates, the memory blocks used to save Pokemon Colosseum is 48 which is about 3MB's of Save Data, which is used to hold Pokemon, Record Information, Gamecube Save Files were never designed to carry E-Reader information, rather record activated events, when you catch a pokemon in colosseum, it doesn't get written on the disk or on the save file, it was already on the disc, the memory card carries data the game reads to know which events have occured and what things the game has to access to show your progress, and how you played the moment you wrote to the memory card. Pokemon Colosseum, has ALL of the Card Data written in the game, in theory you can EDIT THE SAVE to activate the events in the Log Book. So, somehow, we need to extract the card .bin files out of Colosseum's disc data and onto the computer, and try to load e-roader dot codes in NO$GBA if it says this data only works for Pokemon Colosseum we CAN print out these files onto an E-reader code strip, scan it on a real E-Reader device, or if possible load it onto an emulator and SUCCESS. WE HAVE JUST MADE BETA/UNRELEASED INFORMATION RELEASABLE, people can actually download these files they can simply print out these Translated Cards or Salvaged HIDDEN card data and scan it onto an Official E-Reader or load it onto an Emulator and Success, we just beat Nintendo! HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE FSYS's HEX Data, Possibly Useful. DOWNLOAD LINK TO CARDE_MENU.FSYS http://www.mediafire.com/?ma7fgjho3cc3vmm Tools to Look For: GC ISO TOOL POKEMON COLOSSEUM DISC IMAGE POKEMON COLOSSEUM JAPANESE DISC IMAGE POKEMON COLOSSEUM JAPANESE E CARD FULL SET HEX EDITOR -TOOL THAT CAN EXTRACT .bin FILES FROM FSYS. -TOOL(S) THAT CAN TRANSLATE E-READER CARD DATA -TOOL(S) THAT CAN MANIPULATE POKEMON COLOSSEUM SAVE DATA TOOL THAT CAN PRINT E-READER CARDS (have that already, just forgot the name) EDIT: CARDE_MENU.fsys I used this Program http://hcs64.com/files/gcfsysd01.zip to extact the data seems that the .bins were useless in the FSYS. But this program may be able to help us out, by extacting ALL FSYS's data! EDIT 2: You may be able to modify the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum ISO to read the English E-Reader, but than you would still need to get the english e-reader to read japanese e-reader information
  9. Sorry it took me long to reply! Okay to answer your question I had actually modified the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum ISO's Text Strings and Hex Values in HxD. You would: -Open up the Pokemon Colosseum Japanese ISO in HxD -Look for Offset 003A4E90 and Change the Text String GC6J into GC6E and do the same for Offset 00000000 and Offset 003A5A90. -Burn the ISO onto a disc or whatever. -Play it on a modded system that can read burned DVD-R's with a Gamecube Game on it. -Make sure your English Copy of Pokemon Colosseum's save has saved at a point after beating the Final Boss. -In the Japanese version it will access your English Copies Save file -Than go to Phenac City Stadium, walk into the Green Door. -Save the Game in the PC in the Card E Room -Pop In your English Copy -You are now in the Room! BTW THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH FOR THE DUMPS, I CAN EASILY JUST PRINT OUT THE CARDS, but nowww.... I need a Japanese E-Reader + -.-.
  10. Well I'm currently re-uploading the video with the appropriate Watermarks before some steals it, but what do you mean "how was this video made?". Do you mean practically, equipment wise (the tools I used to create the video and record it)? Or do you mean to ask me how the content was produced (How I actually accessed the room)?
  11. ATTENTION: All of you in this Forum probably know what the Pokemon Colosseum E-Reader Room is, or may have heard of it. BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Pokemon Colosseum E-Reader Room was "APPARENTLY" said to be "REMOVED" from the Localized Retail Versions of the Game. If you look at these pictures which are not faked, 100% real. IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2 You can see the E-Reader Room is actually still in-tact in US Retail Copies. Unfortunately though, this is not accessible through the use of glitches in any US Retail game. You would need to edit a copy of the Japanese version's disc image to read GC6E save files. With that you can simply enter the Room if you've completed the main story in the Phenac City Stadium Registration Room (Green Door) and save on the PC, and pop in your US Retail or "Back-Up" copy and you will be in the Card E Room in the US Version and you will see all text is in English, regardless of the Fact that the room was hidden and has never seen the light of day in the US Version until today. The video attached will be uploaded soon, but you will see that in the video, everything is in English. Quite odd, if any of you hackers can get into the coding and activate the E-reader cards without having to actually physically add them, please let me know because I am highly interested in this beta room, and what it looks like because there are no videos on Youtube with a battle of the scanned e-cards. VIDEO
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