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  1. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Here is the Korean HA alolan starters. NA - 포켓몬 뱅크 Primarina.wc7 NA - 포켓몬 뱅크 Incineroar.wc7 NA - 포켓몬 뱅크 Decidueye.wc7
  2. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Hi. It's korean dual pack bonus pokeball. 1121 - 더블 팩 구입 특전.wc7full This is my first dump and please understand if there is a problem.
  3. About Festival Plaza

    great work
  4. X/Y/ΩR/αS -- HA Legendary Birds

    Korean Zapdos Serial code : OLLEHTVPOKEMON Korean Moltres Serial code : MOVIE2
  5. Why this invalid appears in the kadabra. He evolves to level up.