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  1. Should I contribute my US GameStop Mew if it's already been contributed? I also don't have picture proof of the moment I downloaded the wondercard, but I still have the card with the code in it. I could take a picture of it with my username. Also if anyone that has PokeBank needs help with contributing their Regi Trio just let me know and I'll help you out.
  2. Hi I'm having trouble decrypting my oras save files. Can anyone explain how to make a save1keystream.bin please? I've tried many of the methods but can't seem to get it to work. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I know most of this codes already exist in the forums, but I need to bring them together and I've been pretty confused with them lately, so I need help with bringing them all together and getting the missing ones. And I want them to be able to be received from the PokéMart. I want to have codes for all those three games for the following: Codes Requested Gamestop Shiny Beasts WiFi Shiny Beasts Gamestop Celebi Mexican Celebi Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs: All Events
  4. Hi there! I would like to have a code to reset my wondercard ids as if I had never downloaded any kind of mystery gift. Could somebody give me a code for Platinum, one for HeartGold, and one for SoulSilver please? I just don't know how to do it. Thanks in advance I know someone will help me out.
  5. Pokemon Black, but I think it was my mistake anyway, I might have used the White code.
  6. Could someone give me an ar code to unlock these missions please?
  7. Could someone upload a save file of the game with the main storyline completed, the WiFi missions downloaded please?
  8. I accidentaly used a code which I didn't know was on and my Blue card has 9999 points, which make the card useless, could someone give me a code for it to be 30 points please. EDIT: Already solved, found the right hex code.
  9. Could you make a code for 100K Watts please? And is there any code for Watts inside the PokeWalker? You know, like starting the stroll with many steps and watts? EDIT: Already solved, found the right hex code. But still don't have the second code I want.
  10. Could someone make a code for receiving every starter again, even Kanto and Hoenn please
  11. Thanks a lot, I hadn't been able to check the site out since now.
  12. Please help, I recently trying to go through the battle frontier and I realized that I had the colored medals already. I assume that I used a code for it for mistake. Could someone make a code to erase all the frontier seals please? Thanks in advance.
  13. If someone could make some codes for them to be recieved in the pokemart, and the pichu WC in slot 2 and the jirachi WC in slot 3, I would be extremely grateful. Both codes for Pokemon Platinum sorry.
  14. I like the pokemon following you , and that you can use the stylus more efficiently.
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