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  1. Pokesav for Heartgold not working

    I just got it working! Sorry for the bother, I somehow figure it out
  2. Are there any known problems with Pokesav for Heartgold? I've been trying to use codes all day and they won't work. I made one that edited the TM/HM bag a little of every TM, and I added the code to Action Replay by copying it, or manually editing the code, etc etc. And I check the code in AR before I play the game, but I press L+R and nothing happens. I've tried it multiple times to no avail, so I'm pretty sure I haven't made a stupid mistake everytime...I hear things about the pokesav not being for the English version even though the download on the website says it is? Any help is appreciated!
  3. Difference in PPSE and Pokesav?

    So you're suggesting the use of PPSE instead?
  4. Trouble with OT

    So what do you mean when you say to hit backspace a couple times?And where can I get this Compact Pokesav? Is it just the PPSE? Edit: Oh I just figured out what the Backspace meant, haha, and now I have fixed the problem! Thanks!
  5. Trouble with OT

    I'm creating a Pokemon, and the only problem I'm having is with the OT field...I pressed the button that said Input Own OT and it didn't do anything...The Pokemon's OT wound up being "?????" I believe..But when I click on the field, and check the box "Name" I type the name in and press OK and it doesn't show up. And what are the Trash Bytes on that menu also? Can I enter my name with them or something?
  6. Difference in PPSE and Pokesav?

    Hmmm I see... Well that was very helpful, thanks for all the info bud!
  7. Difference in PPSE and Pokesav?

    So then what's the popular verdict on which to choose? Or perhaps I should download both of them?
  8. So, what's the difference between these two programs? I've been using Pokesav for a few weeks now, finding my way around it to "enhance" my gaming experience if you know what i mean. But I was taking a look at the main website and saw PPSE? It sounds very similar, so I was wondering what the difference is. Are they virtually the same, just competitors, or does one do something entirely different than the other? I saw that PPSE does more with Pokedex entries of hacked Pokemon...but is that it?