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  1. ENG GAME Magmar, from the earlier series of codes giving out unribboned event Pokémon. 504 - It's Magmar! (Unribboned).wc6 504 - It's Magmar! (Unribboned).zip
  2. FRE Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon, from the WiFi distribution. 511 - Un Prismillon Motif Poké Ball ! 511 - Un Prismillon Motif Poké Ball !.zip
  3. Some events are nature-locked and will always come out with the same nature.
  4. I suppose those were already posted before, but just in case: 015 - CoroCoro Charizard X 015 - CoroCoro Charizard Y 021 - Movie Darkrai All three are from JP games. 015 - CoroCoro Charizard X.zip 015 - CoroCoro Charizard Y.zip 021 - Movie Darkrai.zip
  5. I am guessing that the above happened. You Pal-Parked the Pokémon and used Pokégen to extract the data. Use another file editor, or drag and drop your corrupted files onto trashbytes.exe (available somewhere on the forum) to fix them.
  6. ENG GAME Charizard X & Y. The Wonder Cards appear to be English-only. 516 - Charizard and a Charizardite Y!.zip Charizard and a Charizardite X!.zip
  7. FRE Fancy Vivillon (always male) 1503 - Un Prismillon au Motif Fantaisie ! (M).zip
  8. French version of the event posted above (always female). 1503 - Un Prismillon au Motif Fantaisie !.zip
  9. Pokéball Pattern Vivillon, VGC Mamoswine. Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon - FRA.zip VGC 2014 Shiny Mamoswine - GER.zip
  10. GAME Magmar claimed on a FR game. This version of the Magmar comes with its event ribbon, unlike the previous distributions. magmar20140413.rar
  11. In the following archive: Walmart WINTER2013 Garchomp and Scizor. Walmart.zip
  12. This is the French Wondercard for the Speed Boost Torchic. Torchicfrench.rar
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