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  1. Okay,so what's bad about them underestimating us?And I am obviously going to pretend that I didn't see what you typed last.We are the dominant species?Really?Of course we are.Since we can kill any other animals with our guns whereas they are defending themselves with their natural defenses.If animals had the powers of pokemon then we would be enslaved by a long time ago.Let's see if you can take on an Exploud whose Hyper Voice repels you a mile away,breaks your bones due to the sheer force and finally kills you.
  2. Have you ever watched Heroes?Those abilities x 100..That's how pokemon would be. Ice beams.Blizzards.Earthquakes.Tidal waves(surf).Solar beams.Thunders.Hydro cannons.Frenzy plants able to rip a whole army apart.Psychokinesis(able to..well control everything and everyone on earth) and many many other abilities.Let alone that they lots of pokemon can regenerate in 2 seconds. Oh and this Hyper Beam which would vanish you before even hitting you and Giga impact which is like a train hitting you. Oh should I say that a different way to say Gravity(the move) is Gravitational Manipulation?Yeah I think this means Pokemon could create small black holes sucking us in. Also considering that nothing of what you said makes contact with the pokemon then I have to say that Blissey would never die due to her massive sp.def and hp..And she can also recover damage.And she can take those laser beams like a boss. Uhuh we win.
  3. Okay my favorite Pokemon pictures are the realistic ones.No really,just take a look at these.Its like they are taken from a movie. http://silver5.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d41b32d http://silver5.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3hs2lg
  4. Okay here are some things to consider before answering: 1.It would be the biggest war ever.Albeit no legendaries would be involved except from Celebi,The 3 legendary birds and beasts.Humans would use their whole technology and guns against Pokemon's powers. 2.Pokemon could not be befriended.They would be extremely hostile and the only thing in their minds would be to kill us and exterminate the human race.NO BEFRIENDING. 3.Don't say things like 'Why would they do that?' or 'Pokemon like humans and peace.No way they would ever do this'.Just answer. 4.Type weaknesses/resistances wouldn't exist since they are not logical(how can a hippowdon die from water just because it is suppose to be ground type.And besides real life hippos like water.He is ground type because he is related to the ground not because he is made of sand) 5.Well just answer thoroughly and nicely.:creep:
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