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  1. How was that random? Coding a Pokemon Generator goes hand in hand with editing an actual save file? And what do you mean I would need a grid of 20 phones? That made no sense whatsoever. I never mentioned anything about managing the files on a phone, you just assumed that (and just to let you know, it is actually extremely easy and practical, I do it all the time...obviously you don't have a smartphone.) My basic (very basic) idea of the storage portion of the app was that the Hex code of the Pokemon generated through the app would be stored on a personal online database. One program would be used to automatically download the Pokemon that were saved online onto your computer. In this way, you could create Pokemon anywhere, while still only running one program to get the .pkm files on your computer. That's similar to how PokeGen works too; you run one program on your computer and a .pkm file appears. I don't know if you read through my post thoroughly, but I mentioned that the UI would be simple. Nothing has to be constraint, the screen scrolls down to more options so if I have about twenty items that need to fit on one screen, then the app can scroll down and have more options. Not to mention that apps can have multiple screens. I can have an Original Trainer screen (where the OT data can be entered), an attack screen (where attacks can be entered), and so on. There is more than enough space for all the features, and if there isn't, then I can shift things around and make room. Once again, I'm not sure if you have a smartphone, and it might be a good idea to do research about things you have no experience with before posting something about them. You're right, what was I thinking? I don't need your permission, you didn't invent Pokemon, so the idea of creating a program to generate pokemon doesn't need your permission. I guess what I thought was that you might take offend if I stole the way your organize the different tabs in your program, along with the "PokeGen" name...but since you don't seem to care, I guess I'm all good! Also, I said nothing about "replicating" the PokeGen's UI, I said I was going to base my program off of it, by which I meant stealing the way you organized your different tabs...which was already addressed by you when you said: Anyways, thanks for your opinion, you're the first to not like it, and it also helped clear up some easily misunderstood parts about my post.
  2. I think it would be cool to create (or port) PokeGen to the Android platform! I have many of the plans to do so already in my head, so mainly, the only things needed to do is just the time intensive coding portions. Of course, I would really like to get the approval of the PokeGen creator (since my code and GUI would be based off of the original PokeGen), but first I would like to see if anyone would like this idea? It would be a simple UI that would run on the android (very simple so most droids could use it), this way if you ever had any spontaneous need to create a Pokemon, or a really great idea for a Pokemon, then you could do it anytime, anywhere. Once created on the phone, a "PokeBox" application would be used to get all of your .pkm files onto your computer, in this way you would be able to use your .pkm files however you wish via your computer, edit it more, share with friends, etc. Eventually, I think it would be cool to port PokeSav to the Android. Unfortunately, I do my computer things in my spare time, so even if people thought the PokeGen for Android idea would be fun, I would still need time to put it all together. So what do you think? Would anyone actually use it? I really wouldn't like to spend many hours developing this tool if no one would want it. Thanks for your input! (Also, forgive me if this is the wrong area to post as I didn't know if it should be posted in the general topics or under the pokegen topics.)
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