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  1. Okay, I thought so but I wasn't sure. I don't have a flashcart either. If I were to be that nds back up utility you mentioned would I need any other hard ware other then it and my dsi? I've looked over the forums but want to be absolutely sure befoer I buy anything.
  2. So the DS Lite and wifi can be used to get your save game? or is that with the action replay? sorry if i misunderstand. And hmm what exactly defines a back up utility? I assume its an outside device. Sorry for being so uncertain here, i've never heard of one before oddly enough.
  3. So there's no free way to do it then, you have to buy either an action replay or some other outside device?
  4. I have IR GTS already and have used it to edit pokemon but like I said i want the wonder cards and the acess to the areas such as liberity island but thank you. On a side note: To be clearer basically i'm hoping there's a program that acts similiar to the Ir GTS but instead of receiving only a single pokemon via the GTS can actually receive the whole save file.
  5. This may have been asked before and I just screwed up the search, if so i apologize in advance. Is there a way to get my save file from pokemon black and white from my dsi to my pc over my wifi? I want to use Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor or pokesav to go over to the the 'quests'/locations/whatever you call them given by wonder cards, such as liberty island, but I have no flash cart or action replay to use to transfer them. I know I could just create my ideal even pkm via pokegen and have made a few shinys (as my id and secret id seem incapable of producing shinys for some reason, though I may have just not found the right pokemon/nature combo yet I guess). I actually want to explore and enjoy the locations however, as honestly to me that's one of the best parts. Thank you for taking the time to read this whether you reply or not!
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