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  1. Hey, got a chance to borrow the ARDSi w/microSD from a friend. I'm using 3.0.1 of your program because 3.1 is not working properly - I can load the save (it autodetects too if I let it) and I can see my save's details, etc., but if I go to my Items Held section and click on the drop box (by default it's on !-Stone) the program crashes immediately. It works fine in 3.0.1 so at the moment I'm using that instead. Any suggestions?
  2. I've got a fair bit of experience with save converters as I have a CycloDS, which has a not-quite-raw save structure. Basically, borrow ARDSi from friend, dump, (make copy in case following steps go wrong), convert, SkyEditor, test on emulator/slot-1, convert back, restore to cart. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Thanks for the info! My friend has an AR DSi with microSD slot, so I'll give that a go. Do I need to do anything tricky to do it, or is it a standard feature of the AR DSi?
  4. Hi all, I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I'm playing the AU version, but based on a little bit of digging and Wondermail S generator experimenting, it seems to be the same as the US version. I'm trying to dump/backup the save from the cart - I have a DS, a CycloDS slot-1 card and an EZ-Flash 4 slot-2 card, as well as a wireless router at my disposal. So far I've tried Rudolph's tools (both the wifi and slot-2 versions) and they simply don't recognise a save (lists save type as Unknown, doesn't allow me to even try dumping). I also tried savegame-manager v0.3RC1, and while it detects a save, it thinks it's a 64kb file (it should be 128kb), and the dumped file it creates doesn't work (seems to be just a few lines of code repeated ad nauseum for 64kb). Has anyone successfully dumped a retail save for this game, and if so, what hardware/software did you use to do so? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Hey, this is Least100Seraphs - had to make a new account as I can't remember my original account's password and it was before I changed email address so I can't have it reset either Anyways, if you can PM me again with what you need I'll get onto it ASAP.