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  1. No, it should say they're open otherwise you didn't forward them properly.
  2. First make sure you can access it using the DNS it gives you (not your local IP). If you can, first go into your router settings and forward port 53 UDP and port 80 TCP. Next test them here: http://whatsmyip.org/ports/. Lastly, check your firewall settings and make sure that port 53 and 80 are allowed and anything that may block the GTS program are turned off. Post back with results, also if you have the ports forwarded correctly but the scanner tells you it's not open then it's probably a port that is blocked by your ISP (I have this issue with port 53 UDP which prevents me from hosting, this is bound to be a recurring thing).
  3. What would you like in terms of sprucing up the background?
  4. Regardless so long as your PID, location met, and IVs/EVs check out you should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Ampitere

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    Dream World Poke, it's a new thing in Gen V. Welcome!
  6. How's this? I can add text to it if you'd like, if anything needs to be changed I have let me know!
  7. Is it an event Pokemon or from Gen IV? If so you may need to trashbytes it (drag the file onto the .exe that comes with Pokegen). The only other thing I can think of is that Pokecheck isn't perfect quite yet and it's just giving you a bad return.
  8. I will do this either tomorrow or some time this weekend when I have time.
  9. So basically just take the same Eevee 8 times and put it into Box 2 slots 1 through 8 with the moves the event version comes with holding a plate that boosts each evolution? (Flareon gets Flame Plate, Leafon gets Meadon Plate, etc. etc.)
  10. All signatures are free! Just thought I'd restate that.
  11. Alright so I dug around and found an old discussion on here where they constructed a Shiny Female Event Eevee. See if this works, I advise you to just evolve it yourself (so just keep giving it to yourself until you have all of it evolutions). Post back with test results, I can modify it if it does have any issues.
  12. Here's your Ditto. I gave him 252 HP and Speed EVs as well as 255 happiness, the OT is me and the IDs are legit so it should pass any event legality check. I assume you're just using it to breed so it really doesn't matter. If you have any problems please report back!
  13. Ferrothorn seems good, the only thing I'd say is get your trainer and secret ID if you want it to be in your name legit and be careful when using the all 31 IVs. Mandibuzz is clean as well, same advice as Ferrothorn on that. Vaporeon's egg location should be changed, because it's highly unlikely you're running around inside the Poketransfer building just to get it to hatch. Virizion's ecounter should be set to Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin because it's only available after you capture Cobalion in Mistralton (I advice actually doing this instead of creating it yourself, but I'm just nitpicky like that). All of should be legal, test them on the Wifi by going into random battle and making sure it allows you to participate. If it does, you should be clean. If not, go back and check to see what seems fishy. Hope this helps!
  14. What you want to do is hold L before you go into your trainer card (it won't let you otherwise, hence the freezing). Flip over to the back where your normal ID would be at and it will be replace with a new ID. Reload your game and deactivate the code so you can access your trainer card again and voila.
  15. It cannot learn ExtremeSpeed, and if it can't learn it the Nintendo network will not allow it because it's technically illegal. You can use it in non-Nintendo matches but if you take it to an event anywhere or attempt to connect to random battles on Wifi it will be flagged. Simple enough, if it's not in it's moveset it's not legal. Check Bulbapedia or Serebii for movesets.
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